Each Arkansas Dolphins Account Holder* is responsible for $100 in fundraising and/or sponsorship funding for the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team every year. These funds are due by October 20th for all active account holders as of October 10th; with a $100 fine assessed by October 25th if the fundraising requirement is not completed.  The following schedule for account holders who join or rejoin after October 10th will be followed:


·        Join Date Between October 11th – December 5th – $100 Fundraising funding due by December 15th, $100 fine assessed by December 20th if fundraising requirement not completed.

·        Join Date Between December 6th – February 10th – $100 Fundraising funding due by February 20th, $100 fine assessed by February 25th if fundraising requirement not completed.

·        Join Date after February 11th, no fundraising requirement for the current year. 


If an account goes inactive or is canceled at any time prior to the billing date and has not completed their fundraising requirement, the account will be required to pay the $100 fee prior to rejoining/reactivating with the team during the current year.


The $100 fundraising requirement may be completed by one of the following methods:

1. Arkansas Dolphins Sponsorship(s) valued at $100 or more may be used to satisfy account fundraising/sponsorship requirements. Business and Family sponsorship information will be available on the team website, and at Team Day. Only 1 account will be given credit per sponsorship.


2. Arkansas Dolphins Raffle Ticket Sales (early fall only, additional details will be provided by the Dolphin Fundraising Chair).


3. A tax deductible donation to the Dolphin Booster Association, a 501c3 organization. Donations can be made by cash, check, or credit card. Donations can be made at Team Day by cash or check; or by credit card on our Dolphin Booster Association Fundraising page.


4. Other fundraising options may be available to satisfy obligations.  More information will be available at Team Day and from the Fundraising Chair of the Dolphin Booster Association.  


*Account holders with members enrolled only in masters or recreational roster groups and active coaches of Arkansas Dolphins are excluded from this policy.   If you have questions if this policy applies to you, please contact the Swim Team Coordinator at