2023 Arkansas Dolphins Winter Registration

Open for New Members

12/1/22 - 5/31/23



Welcome to the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season!

We are very excited to have you become part of the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team.

Teamunify Account

Your Teamunify account is the primary account that will be used for billing purposes for monthly training dues and swim meet fees. 

It is also used as our primary means of team communication, swim meet entries, job volunteer sign up, and general swim team information. Please check the sites tab to follow your training site information. 

Upon club registration you will be required to enter an automatic draft source (either credit card or bank draft) for future fees. You will receive a monthly summary from TeamUnify of any fees that are billed to your account. 

Club Seasonal Registration 

All participants will be charged a seasonal registration fee if participating during the following training seasons (Fall, Winter & Summer). Upon joining the Dolphins swim team your credit card that you place on file with Teamunify (with the exception of our summer league program) 

Seasonal Registration fees will only be charged for the following registration periods

  • Fall Registration September 1st through December 31st
  • Winter Registration - January 1st through May 31st
  • Summer Registration - June 1st through August 31st

Monthly Training Fees

Every swimmer will be billed monthly training fees and will be charged to your account at the 1st of each month. 

Swim Meet Fees

Swim meet fees may vary depending on the type of swim meet you may attend. Every swim meet will list the cost to attend that swim meet in the swim meet information pdf. That informational swim meet sheet is attached to each swim meet sign-up. Also, the club may add additional fees for relays etc. Your Teamunify account will be billed upon your registration for that swim meet. 

Please Note: Swim Meet fees are considered non-refundable and are billed once swim meet deadline has passed for swimmer sign-up and will be denoted in RED. 

Cancelation or Pausing Account

The Arkansas Dolphins require a 30 day notice prior to pausing or cancelation of your account. We will only accept written notice via email to the following email address [email protected]Laser.com Any other form of communication will not be accepted. (examples: telling your coach or emailing a coach)


Please Note: USA Swimming will offer two types of annaul registration options for membership to USA Swimming. Also, USA Swimming membership is a seperate fee from our club registration fees, swim meet fees and monthly training fees.

USA Swimming requires every swimmer on our swim team to have one of the following memberships offered by USA Swimming to be on our team.  These memberships are transferable between other USA Swimming Clubs.

Option1:  Full Annual Membership with USA Swimming (Cost $87.00) - Offered to all ages wanting to swim in USA Swimming Swim Meets or wanting to join a USA Swimming club like the Arkansas Dolphins swim team (Has No Restrictions).                    

Option 2:  Flex Annual Membership with USA Swimming (Cost $30.00) - Offered to 12 & Under Swimmers Only and swimmers are limited to two swim meets (Can not participate in championship swim meets).


The Dolphin Booster Board handles fundraising dues, non-participation in volunteer jobs fees, and periodically offers team shirts,and novelty for sale. They run the spirit store, banquets and social events. The Booster Association has their own system for collection of fees. 

Team Apparel

The Arkansas Dolphins regularly order apparel for the team and rely on teamunify for ordering swimmers apparel for our swimmers. So, please update your swimmers T-Shirt size and please maintain this information in teamunify to ensure your swimmer receives the correct apparel size.

Attention: Deadline to receive your Free Fall Dolphins T-Shirt is January 1st. 


Your registration process will not complete if the class you select is full. You may try another location, or you may send us an email with your request to be put on the waiting list.       

Email: [email protected]laser.com and include swimmer's name, age, phone number, and level and location desired. 

We look forward to having you join the Arkansas Dolphins Swim Team and are so excited about another great swim season!

Go Dolphins!

Team Admin