NWAA Weekly Update - 11/29/2021

Mark Gole

NWAA WEEKLY UPDATE – 11/29/2021                                                                      




There are quite a few changes this week due to a HS Diving Meet and Coach Eric, Coach Trey, and Coach Mark being out of town for various meets. The changes are as follows:


Tuesday 11/30:


Senior II – 4:00-5:40pm

Senior I – 5:40-7:00pm

Tiger Sharks – 7:00-8:00pm

All groups need to complete their SSDL workout at home this day.


Friday 12/3:

There will be no practice at the WLFC. The following will be the practice schedule at the BCC:

Hammerheads and Great Whites: 4:00-4:45pm – Swim / 4:45-5:00pm – SSDL

Senior II: 4:00-4:45pm – SSDL / 4:45-6:00pm – Swim

Senior I: 4:45-6:00pm – Swim / 6:00-6:45pm – SSDL

Tiger Sharks and Makos: 5:30-6:00pm – SSDL / 6:00-7:00pm – Swim


Saturday 12/4:

There will be no practice at the WLFC. The following will be the practice schedule at the BCC:

Senior I and Senior II: 7:30-9:30am – Swim

Tiger Sharks and Makos: 9:30-11:00am – Swim




Details regarding these meets will be sent from each coach attending these meets. Coach Mark will be attending the MAC NT Senior Meet. Coach Trey will be attending the COR Classic and Coach Eric will be attending the CASC Holiday Classic. The psych sheets for the MAC and COR meets have already been sent and are available on the event page. As soon as we receive the information from CASC, we will post it. We are excited to see how the Sharks perform at these meets in Texas and in Central Arkansas!




Friday Night at the Races – Springdale, AR – Dec. 10 – Registration Deadline – November 30th  – The meet information has been posted to the event page. This will be the last chance for many swimmers in the HH, GW, and TS groups to qualify for the NWAA Winter Invitational.


2022 NWAA Winter Invitational – Fayetteville, AR – Jan. 7-9 – Registration Deadline – December 28th – There are qualifying standards for this meet. The meet information is close to being ready as well as the event file. As soon as we have it, we will post it. An eligibility list will be posted as well.




Please mark your calendars for the 2022 NWAA Winter Invitational. It will be on Friday, January 7-Sunday, January 9 at the University of Arkansas. We are excited to host this meet again this year and will need the help of every member of NWAA to put on the best meet possible for all of the swimmers. More information about this meet will be sent out soon. We just want everyone to be aware of it coming up.





Team Swim Caps 

If your swimmer has lost or misplaced team swim caps and needs them for a meet this weekend, please use the link below to purchase an additional set:




If you are swimming in Texas please place your order by Wednesday, December 1 so they may be given to the coaches.  Benton swimmers have until Thursday, December 2 to place an order and Mitzi will bring them to the meet.


D&J Sports

The incorrect phone number for D&J Sports was included in a previous email, if you need to contact D&J Sports directly regarding team suits, tech suits, order questions, etc. (214) 631-0057 is the correct number. 


Please contact Mitzi at [email protected] with any questions.


Hoodies, Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Beanies

Thank you for all of your orders! We will keep you updated on the order status, they should arrive mid-December for pick up.






BANQUET, BANQUET, BANQUET!: Parents of graduating Seniors: planning has started for the Annual Banquet and we want input from your upcoming graduates! Please ask your grads to send me their input by end of day December 3rd! I can’t promise all ideas will be executed but they will be reviewed! ***




Today we kick off our inaugural holiday Give Back Event, benefiting Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter!!! There are enough items for each swimmer to take at least one (that’s over 200 items!!!). If you’re unable to grab an ornament, don’t worry! The needs list is attached and posted to Facebook, Instagram, and the Team Feed in the OnDeck app!


  1. Look for the ornament boards on deck AFTER your afternoon/evening practices
  2. Select an ornament (or two, or three). On the back of the ornament will be an item to purchase (pictures attached)
  3. Return your purchases to your practice facility no later than December 13th, and drop them in the large boxes (picture attached).
  4. Please include your receipt and leave all tags on the merchandise

Know you’ve contributed to our community and your gifts will be appreciated more than you can imagine!





We would like to thank Dr. Swiggart for working with so many athletes this past week. From those that we have spoken with, they said that they felt so much better! Dr. Swiggart already emailed me and said that he believes that he can see more athletes during the specific times by shortening the interval. We are so grateful that for his willingness to help our Sharks!


A new sign-up sheet will be formed and sent out for next Tuesday soon. Be on the look out! Also, if your swimmer was seen last time, please allow for others to sign up before signing up again. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!








Due to a few individuals entering the back door at the BCC that were not supposed to enter the facility from that entrance, the BCC will begin locking the back door as early as 4:45pm. We will be letting the groups in the back door prior to their practice. Please do your best to drop them off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their start time as that is when a coach will open up the door. If there is an instance where you need to drop them off a little earlier than that, please communicate that with your swimmer’s lead group coach.


Also, please do your best to pick your swimmer up from practice as close to five minutes after practice as possible so that swimmers are not having to wait around. Again, we understand that things happen and if you will be running late, please either communicate with your swimmer or your swimmer’s lead group coach.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation!




Thank you to Jenni Combs, NWAA Social/Communications Chair, and Megan Peters, NWAA Volunteer Coordinator, for running the New Parent Meeting. If you have recently joined the Sharks and need access to this video, please reach out to me and I will send it to you.




Due to high volume of emails, we have an email address available for all your billing needs. If you have questions about your bill or you need to stop payments from being auto-drafted from your account, email [email protected]. Please remember: In order to stop payments from your account for the following month, you must inform the club no later than the 15th of the month at the new email address [email protected]. Moving forward, please email this account as opposed to the coaching staff regarding your billing questions.



2021 Team Shirts/Swim Caps

If your swimmer has not received their 2021 team shirts/caps:

BCC HH/GW – look for Beckey at practices 

WLFC HH/GW – see Coach Kayleigh

Seniors/Makos/Tiger Sharks – email Mitzi 


We would like to make sure that every new swimmer receives their shirts and caps as quickly as possible, so please make sure that you reach out if you have not received them yet. 


NWAA Sharks Classifieds (this is also the name of the group!), a Facebook group was created if you have swim items you would like to sell or if you are in search of an item to purchase.  Please add swim items that you no longer need that someone else may be able to use!   


You may have to login to Facebook first, but this should take you directly to the page: