John Moseley
May 28, 2019




On Saturday, June 1, we will begin our Summer Practice Schedule.



Trivioke is this Saturday Get your tickets now!

June 1st, Shadow Valley Country Club

6pm cocktails and appetizers 

7pm let the games begin

Think you are full of worthless information? Is there a secret Elvis or Beyoncé living deep inside you just needing to get out? 

Trivioke will be your answer! 

Tickets are $40 nwaajohn@gmail.com

$50 at the door

Are you traveling and are disappointed you can’t make it but you still want to help? 

Guess what!! You can!! 

If you are the first TWO people to answer this question AND you agree to donate $150 you will win a “volunteer voucher”

This voucher is good toward your volunteer commitment during this year’s Memorial or State Meet! 

Dolly Parton had a 1981 hit which from the film of the same name.

Email:  smartin2386@gmail.com 

with the answer and commitment of $150. 

Hurry! Don’t miss out!!!



Rustic Cuff Bracelets are now for sale on the NWAA Spirit Store! Get your Bracelets in time for state! You can purchase them individually or as a set! Look great poolside while cheering on your swimmer! 

All sales go toward sharks need water and coaches.  Help support the Sharks! 



The deadline to sign up for the Memorial Classic is Today, May 28. We want all Sharks to attend this meet.

Positive Check-in will be required for every session so you must check in with the Clerk of Course before warm-ups begin.

Volunteers: Every NWAA family needs to select TWO slots from the following sign-up form: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090948acac2ea02-memorial2

Hospitality will be served to all coaches, officials, and meet workers; use this link to select your contribution(s): https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090948acac2ea02-memorial4



Registration for the Recordsetter is now available.  The deadline to declare your intent is Tuesday, June 11.



Summer Merchandise- Summer merchandise ordered through our online store will be passed out when we move to Melvin Ford for the summer.  We will announce specifics closer to time, and as soon as the order is ready for us to distribute.

Caps- NWAA Shark silicone caps can be ordered now by emailing nwaamerch@gmail.com.  Caps will be sold in a set of 1 blue cap and 1 white cap. These will be non-personalized.  Coaches would like every swimmer to have a white and blue cap for meets, so be sure and place your order!  Your account will be billed for $21 per cap set.  

If you have interest in a NWAA Shark dome cap that would be for state and higher level meets only, please email your interest to nwaamerch@gmail.com.  If we have enough interest, we will place an order and pre-sell those as well.  The approximate cost would be $21.

Official Long Course State Towels are available for purchase on the Shark Spirit Shop.  The deadline to order personalized towels is Saturday, June 1. 

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