We are a private liberal arts D2 school located in Liberty, Missouri right outside Kansas City, Missouri. We have 50 student athlete’s on our team (23 girls) and (27 guys). We are graduating our biggest class which is 16 of them. If you have any questions about William Jewell College or Mark’s coaching philosophy please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for your time!


Jean Madison

Assistant Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach

Office: 816.415.5012

Cell: 816.721.7298

William Jewell College | www.jewell.edu



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What is SportsRecruits?
SportsRecruits was built by former college athletes to help student-athletes pursue their dreams of playing collegiate  sportsSportsRecruits is a software platform that provides clubs, players and their families access to every college coach in the country. Club organizations use our platform to empower their players in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. Connections made on the platform have resulted in commitments to the best academic and athletic institutions across the country.  SportsRecruits is headquartered in New York City. Click here for more information, visit  sportsrecruits.com.
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We are currently working with many top swim clubs of all shapes & sizes across the country, including:
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  • YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team (NC) - Level 4 USA Swim Club
  • Occoquan Swimming (VA) - Level 3 USA Swim Club
  • Storm Swimming (FL)
  • Arizona Aquatic Club (AZ) - Level 2 USA Swim Club
  • Legacy Diving (MI) - club director is the current head coach at Eastern Michigan University.
Using SportsRecruits for Athletes & Families
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Recruiting Education
In addition to the innovative SportsRecruits Recruiting Platform, SportsRecruits also offers its educational and inspirational resources to help student-athletes and families navigate the recruiting process. Below, we've included links to a selection of articles to help you get started on the right foot and execute the best possible recruiting process.
SportsRecruits Knowledge Base
We are committed to guiding our student-athletes on their recruiting journeys. If you need additional help with the platform, including personal support from the SportsRecruits Customer Success team, click here to access the  KnowledgeBase
Zack Wholley
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My name is Tony Hernandez and I am the new Head Coach for the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Before starting with UMSL at the beginning of May, I was the Assistant Coach for Henderson State University in Arkansas.
UMSL is a Division II school in the Great Lakes Valley Conference.  Our conference is one of the fastest in Division II, and offers an opportunity for many athletes to compete at a high level.

Hope to hear back from you soon.
Tony Hernandez
Head Coach-Swimming & Diving
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Office: (314) 516-5752
Cell: (816) 516-8520


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McKendree University Inaugural Season

I wanted to share with you some highlights from the recently completed inaugural season for McKendree Swimming/Diving. To be honest, it exceeded even my own expectations. I highlighted some of the big accomplishments on the attached flier but there was so much more.

My number one priority was to develop a very close knit team that would support each other through thick and thin. Mission accomplished! They grew so fast and into such a tremendously close knit group. It was fun for me to be around them each and every day. 

The pool side was tremendous and will only get better. If you wish to see the top times, click on to men: (http://mckbearcats.com/documents/2017/3/23/2016_17_Men_Top_Times_Mar_12_w_Bearcat.pdf or women: http://mckbearcats.com/documents/2017/2/15/2016_17_Women_Top_Times_Feb_11_w_Bearcat.pdf.

Keep in mind that we only had 4 women and 12 men. For the men, half the team qualified for NCAA's and 5 of the 6 scored at the meet. Not only that but all 5 scorers are back for 2-3 more years. We had added a very talented Freshmen class (men highlighted by a 51.0 LC 100 free and women a 1:59 200 back). I believe that we will double our NCAA qualifiers this next season.

Please share with your swimmers. McKendree will be a very exciting and fun place to be for swimmers and divers in the coming years! We welcome all to come visit us in Lebanon, IL (about 30 minutes from St. Louis).

Take care!



Jimmy Tierney

Head Men’s & Women’s Swimming/Diving Coach

McKendree University










NCAA Div III Opportunity

Head Coach Scott Thacker here from Roanoke College Men’s and Women’s Swimming. I trust your season is running smooth and successfully.
I am incredibly excited to inform you about Roanoke College’s newest NCAA sports, Men’s and Women’s Swimming. With the addition of Men’s and Women’s swimming to Roanoke College’s impressive collegiate sports, this is an incredible opportunity for swimmers across the country and internationally to have an opportunity to pursue both academic and athletic excellence at the NCAA Division 3 level. Additionally, this is an opportunity for young swimmers to be one of the student-athletes that build the foundation for Roanoke College Swimming excellence.
With a 13.2 to 1 student- faculty ratio, 106 majors, and 93% of graduates either stepping into graduate school or landing job offerings following graduation from Roanoke College, our commitment to academic excellence and success speaks for itself. 
Roanoke College Swimming is committed and driven by empowering student athletes to be the best they can be on their quest for excellence in and out of the water.  Young student athletes will have the opportunity to pursue excellence in and out of the water, all the while having the profound opportunity to call themselves an NCAA student-athlete.
Located in Salem, Va., Roanoke College is a member of the ODAC conference, and will utilize two on campus pools for training. Additionally, our strength and conditioning facilities are located in our brand new athletics building, the Cregger Center, which also boasts an indoor track, basketball arena, soccer stadium and team locker rooms.
We are in the process of aggressively building our team. We are looking for athletes with the desire, heart and determination to be competitive with in the ODAC conference, and looking for athletes that want to continue swimming in college. 
If you have any athletes that would be interested in swimming at the NCAA Division 3 level, I would be incredibly grateful if you would let me know. I have included our team’s website, our recruiting page, and my contact information below. Additionally, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Roanoke College and Roanoke College Swimming.
Scott Thacker
Men's Swimming
Women's Swimming
Recruiting Page

NCAA Div II Opportunity

To Arkansas Swim Coaches:

Hi how are you? How is the start of the season? I hope your team is looking good, and you are primed for a great Olympic year (both short and long course)!

As you may know I have taken on a new challenge in coaching. After over 20 years in the Big Ten and NCAA D1, I have been blessed to land a wonderful job at a fabulous school: McKendree University. It is located in Lebanon, IL just east of St. Louis off I-64. McKendree is a fairly small private school that sits in a beautiful suburban community and sponsors 32 sports (about half the students are athletes).

The leaders of this school have a tremendous vision of building a Division ll powerhouse athletic program while also providing a first class education with a tremendous support system. At this time, I am recruiting to field a team for the fall of 2016 for men and women.

I will not inundate you with too many details now but give you the highlights and links to check things out:

•                    The school’s President, Dr. James Dennis, is a former swimmer and coach. How cool! He wants me to build a Division ll swimming team that excels at the highest level.

•                    A new McKendree Rec Plex with 2 x swimming pools, 2 x ice hockey rinks, fitness and weight rooms under construction now! (http://mckbearcats.com/news/2014/11/5/GEN_1105145947.aspx)

•                    The school is investing in both swimming and academic scholarships!

•                    Over 50 quality majors are offered at McKendree. (https://www.mckendree.edu/academics/programs/index.php)

•                    Here is an announcement of my hiring and the new programs: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/jimmy-tierney-taking-coaching-reins-for-new-swim-program-at-mckendree-university and an interview with Brent Rutemiller on the Swimming World web: http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/morning-swim-show-with-jimmy-tierney-talking-about-mckendree-university-and-dii-swimming-scholarships/

The first recruit classes will help me create the culture and legacy for the programs for decades to come. They can be a part of laying the foundation for excellence. We will have fun in this venture!

I had some wonderful success at Division 1 but do realize that Division ll has some definite advantages for many, such as more opportunity to succeed quickly at an NCAA Championship level and the potential to qualify for NCAA’s without having to rest fully for you conference meet (save it for the big one!).

If you have athletes that you feel would like to direct to me, here is the link to our questionnaire:http://mckbearcats.com/news/2015/8/24/MSWIM_0824153647.aspx. You can send this to them or even send me their contact information to reach out.

Here is what I will be looking for in athletes the next couple of years:

  • Talented swimmers who want to find success early on and may be better off as a big fish. Maybe he/she might thrive on winning and or attention from coaches, teammates, and the community.
  • Swimmers who are athletes and played various sports growing up. Now they are ready to commit to swimming in college.
  • Swimmers who are late to swimming and still need nurturing and time to develop. I am patient and have had much success letting swimmers develop.
  • Tough and committed swimmers who are great team players and make others around them better.
  • Swimmers with a vision who would be excited and motivated to assist me in establishing a legacy for the programs.


All the best this season! I look forward to seeing you on the pool deck soon!







Jimmy Tierney

Head Men’s & Women’s Swimming/Diving Coach

McKendree University