2022 Long Course Season Results

2022 NWAA Memorial Classic

2022 Rose Memorial Invitational

2022 Long Course Opener


2021-2022 Short Course Season Results

2022 ARSI Senior Championships

2022 Region VIII Speedo Spring Sectional Championships

2022 ARSI Age Group Championships

Freaky Fast Last Chance

Friday Night Frenzy #2

2022 Berzerker Heartbreaker Invitational

2022 AESC Winter Ice Breaker

Friday Night at the Races - 1/21 

2022 26th Annual NWAA Winter Invitational

Friday Night at the Races - 12/10

2021 USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals

2021 USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals - Time Trials

2021 CASC Holiday Classic

2021 COR Classic

2021 MAC NT Senior Meet

2021 TYR Super Finals

2021 Arkansas 10&Under All-Star

2021 CSC Jim Devine Memorial Invitational

2021 NWAA Friday Night Frenzy #1

2021 JTSC Fall Invitational

2021 NWAA Sharks Pentathlon



2021 Long Course Season Results

2021 NCSA Junior National Championships

2021 ARSI Long Course Championships

2021 ARSI Thursday LC Time Trials

2021 Region VIII Sectional Championships

2021 Berzerker TYR Ragnarok Invitational

2021 AESC Summer Splash

2021 FSTR Recordsetter 

2021 NWAA Memorial Classic

2021 Aquakids End of School Long Course Invite

2021 JTSC Aloha Meet

2021 AquaHawgs Long Course Opener



2020-2021 Short Course Season Results

ARSI Senior Championships

ARSI Age Group Championships

NWAA Freaky Fast Last Chance

NWAA February Frenzy

NWAA Shark Wars Intrasquad Meet

Springfield Aquatics Winter Championships

NWAA Strike Back Intrasquad Meet

NWAA Return of the Sharks Intrasquad Meet



2020 Long Course Season Results

No meets due to the Covid-19 Pandemic



2019-2020 Short Course Season Results

2020 ARSI 14&Under Age Group Championships

2020 NWAA Last Chance Meet - Time Trials

2020 NWAA Last Chance Meet

2020 AquaHawgs Presidential Invitational

FINA Marathon Swim Series - Doha, Qatar

Berzerker Heartbreaker Invitational

Friday Night at the Races #10

2020 ASI Senior Championships

2020 AESC Winter Ice Breaker 

2020 25th Annual NWAA Winter Invitational

2020 Clarksville Winter Invite

2019 MV Midwest Winter Classic

2019 Speedo West Junior Nationals

2019 Santa Splash

2019 TYR Super Finals

Friday Night at the Races #9

2019 Jim Devine Memorial Invitational

Friday Night at the Races #8

2019 JTSC Fall Invitational

2019 Sharks Pentathlon 


2019 Long Course Results

NCSA Junior Nationals

Central Zone Championships

ASI Long Course Championships

Mary Grace Tucker Memorial

Capital City Classic

Fort Smith Recordsetter

NWAA Memorial Classic

Jenks Aloha Meet

US Open Water National Championships - 10K

AquaHawgs Long Course Opener


2018-2019 Short Course Results

ASI 14 & Under Age Group Championships

AquaHawgs Super Bowl Splash

ASI Senior Championships

Friday Night at the Races #3

NWAA Winter Classic

Clarksville Invite

CASC Holiday Classic

AESC Elite Meet

USA Swimming Winter Juniors

AquaHawgs Santa Splash

TYR Super Finals

HAWG vs NWAA Age Group Dual Meet

Senior Circuit Meet

Friday Night at the Races #1

Jenks Fall Invitational

Blue VS White Intrasquad


2018 Long Course Season

AESC/TYR Spring Splash

Berzerker Ragnarok

AquaHawgs Summer Sprints

Aquakids End of School Invite

AquaHawgs Long Course Opener



2017-2018 Short Course Results

2018 Spring Sectionals

Aquahawgs Invitational

2018 ASI Senior State Championships

AESC TYR Elite Meet

NWAA Senior Circuit

TYR Super Finals

NWAA vs HAWG Dual Meet

SPA Fall Classic

Friday Night at the Races #1

Blue & White Intrasquad


2017 Long Course Results

ASI State Championships

BZRK 4 States Splash

Ft. Smith Recordsetter

NWAA Memorial Classic

Jenks Aloha Invitational


2016-2017 Short Course Results

2017 ASI SCY State Championships

2017 ASI North Region SCY Championships

RAC Superbowl Splash Meet

NWAA Neutrogena Winter Invite

TYR Super Finals

SPA Halloween Classic

NWAA Blue & White Intrasquad Meet

Stephanie Wilson Memorial Meet


2016 Long Course Results

RAC Last Chance Meet

Berzerker 4 States Meet

RAC Summer Invitational

NWAA Neutrogena Memorial Classic

RAC Long Course Opener

JTSC Aloha Invitational


2015-2016 Short Course Results

RAC Presidential Invite

BZRK Heartbreaker Invitational

RAC Development Meet

NWAA Neutrogena Invite

AESC Elite Pro Am

RAC Santa Splash

Paul Blair Memorial Meet

Aquahawg Pumpkin Classic

SPA Halloween Classic.pdf


2014-2015 Short Course 

ASI Championship 

NWAA Winter Invite

JCKW Hair Raiser 


2014 Long Course

ASI Championship Meet

JCKW Summer Splash

Memorial Classic 


2013-2014 Short Course 

Junior Nationals

ASI State Championship

Sectional Championship

RAC Presidential Invite

North Reg. Championship

LRAD Valentine Invite

JCKW Heartbreaker 

NWAA Winter Invite

Elite Pro Am Meet

RAC Winter Invite

Paul Blair Memorial

EAT Turkey Meet

CSC Halloween Meet

RAC AquaHawgs Invite

JTSC Invite

Halloween Hair-Raiser


2013 Long Course

ASI Championship


Last Chance Meet

Mary Grace Tucker


Fort Smith Recordsetter

Memorial Classic

Jenks Aloha Results

HAK End of School Results

Spring Splash Results

RAC LC Opener Results