Will I have anyone to sit with at a meet?
There will be lots of friends and people to help you with what you need.

Remind your parents you need to have a heat sheet and sharpie for meets. 
The heat sheet tells you what information you need to write down on your arm, leg, hand or sheet of paper so you know when it's time for you to swim. If you get to the meet early, it is less stressful so you can get this done before the team starts warming up. 

What do I do if my parents are late picking me up from practice?
Don't worry. Always stay with a coach and let them know your parents are late. 

Don't be afraid to ask the coaches questions.  They are friendlier than they look. ;)

If you need help putting your cap on, ask another swimmer or your coach, it’s common practice.

I worry I will fall off the starting blocks. 
If you do, just climb out and try again. 

What happens when my goggles come off after my dive/start?
This, unfortunately happens frequently. If it is a freestyle race then you can quickly try to readjust while swimming. Butterfly, Backstroke & Breaststroke does not allow you to adjust goggles, just keep going, no matter where your goggles are.

What do I do on the first day of practice?
After you get your suit on, head to the pool and have your cap on and goggles ready.  Wait for you coach to give you instructions. 

How will I ever do a flip turn?  
Your coach will teach you. Just keep working on it, you can do it! 

Anything you are worried about, most of the other swimmers have had the same fears. 

Don't compare yourself to anyone else.  

Everything may seem scary at first, but hang in there, it's a lot of fun;)

Trust your coaches!  They would never make you do something you aren't capable of doing. 

Make mistakes, that's how you learn;) 

Believe in yourself!

Try hard.  Do your best. HAVE FUN!!