Volunteer/Service Requirements - Our parent volunteers are the key to keeping our club running smoothly so that our coaches and swimmers can concentrate on swimming fast!  Please refer to our Team Volunteer/Service Requirements for more information.

Volunteer Positions - There a tons of ways to volunteer.  Most require no training, just a willingness to step in and help.  Read our volunteer descriptions to find out about all the volunteer positions available

Record Hours - Be sure to report your volunteer hours to our volunteer coordinator to ensure you receive proper credit for the time you donate to our team.   This will be available at major volunteer events such as swim meets.  Just stop by and record your time.

Volunteer Coordinator - Emily Tong -  Please feel free to contact Emily with any questions on volunteering.



USA Swimming Officials play a crucial role in the running of swim meets.  If we do not have enough officials at the swim meets we host and attend, then swimmers times would not count.  If you are interested in becoming an official, please feel free to reach out to any official at a meet or contact Emily Tong.