NWAA Parent Volunteers

Volunteer/Fundraising Requirements Our parent volunteers are the key to keeping our club running smoothly so that our coaches and swimmers can concentrate on swimming fast! As a part of your membership with NWAA, each family needs to complete annual volunteer and fundraising requirements. More info.

Volunteer Positions - There a tons of ways to volunteer.  Most require no training, just a willingness to step in and help.  Read our volunteer descriptions to find out about all the volunteer positions available

Record Hours - Be sure to report your volunteer hours to our volunteer coordinator to ensure you receive proper credit for the time you donate to our team.

Sign in the volunteer book - This will be available at major volunteer events such as swim meets.  Just stop by and record your time.

Email our Volunteer Coordinator - emtong@yahoo.com with your volunteer hours or to ask any questions on volunteering.

Officials - Contact NWAA to volunteer to officiate at NWAA meets.