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Razorback Aquatic Club  2020-2021 Service Obligation

Meet hosting is one of the primary sources of revenue for our team, and our parent volunteers are critical to the operational and financial success of our meets. Parent volunteers are the reason our team enjoys an enviable reputation for well-run meets, and for that reason, we can attract teams from within Arkansas Swimming, Inc., and beyond to participate in our meets. 


To ensure that our meets are adequately staffed to run efficiently for our coaches, officials, and athletes, ALL team families will support team hosted meets by serving in a meet position


Service Expectations for Our Team Hosted Meets

 • A volunteer for each family shall work at least one session per day for each day they have a swimmer participating in a meet hosted by our team.

 • If your family has more than one swimmer and/or swimmers in both sessions in a day, you will satisfy your volunteer requirement by working one session per day that you have swimmers in the water.

 • For clarification, the volunteer requirement can be satisfied by you, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, or any individual who can effectively fulfill the volunteer position; however, if someone other than you is fulfilling your family’s volunteer requirement, please include their name in the online signup, and be sure they know to sign in. 

• You may sign up for a volunteer position as soon as the job sign-ups are posted on our website. Most volunteer positions require very little training and if a volunteer is unsure as to the position requirements, please contact the volunteer coordinator when committing to the meet. The Meet Director or volunteer coordinator may modify volunteer position requests according to meet needs and skills availability. 

Unless excused by the Meet Director, the volunteer shall remain during the entire length of the session s/he is working, regardless of when the swimmer’s races are completed.

 • If your swimmer is committed to swim in the swim meet, but for whatever reason, you are unable to satisfy your volunteer requirement, please notify the Meet Director as soon as possible. 

• There may be meets, such as the State Meet, where you may be required to volunteer in every session your swimmer swims. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify families if volunteering in every session your swimmer swims is necessary.

 • Recognizing that families have other commitments that may take time away from meet weekends, a limited number of options to pay a $50 assessment in lieu of spending time on deck will be offered for each session.  The charge shall be paid before committing their swimmer to attend the next meet.

Meet Volunteer Positions:


 Timers: Two timers per lane are needed as a backup to the timing system. Each Timer is given a plunger to use upon completion of the race and a backup manual watch is also used. One Timer must record the manual watch time on a clipboard provided at the Timer Meeting. The meet manager will announce the timers meeting, approximately 45 minutes before the start of the meet so that instructions can be given by the official. This is a great position for those who like to be in the action and interact with the kids. Drinks and snacks are provided to the timers by hospitality. In a two pool meet, 34 timers are needed for each session. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! 


Hospitality: Prepares and serves meals and drinks to coaches and officials as well as drinks and snacks to timers. Two to four hospitality workers are needed for each session of the meet. They should check in with the hospitality chair 30 minutes prior to each warm-up session. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! 

Concessions: Must help run the concession stand at some home meets. Bring in supplies, stock ice chests, and sell items during the meet. Must arrive 45 minutes before scheduled warm-up sessions or a time set by the Concession Admin. You will be notified of any changes. 

Awards: Prepare and sort ribbons, medals, and other awards, apply result stickers as they arrive from scoring, and place in appropriate team baskets. Arrive 10 minutes prior to each session and report to the Computer Admin Official. One to two award volunteers are needed for each session. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED although an understanding of swimming and events helps! 

Announcer: The announcer uses the P.A. system to announce each event, heat, and swimmer in the water. Results are also announced when confirmed. Plan on arriving for your post 10 minutes before the warm-up begins. IF YOU LIKE TO TALK AND ARE GOOD AT GUESSING NAME PRONUNCIATIONS THIS MIGHT BE FOR YOU! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. 

Clerk of Course: Receive entries and assign lanes for athletes who are deck entering at the meet. Clerk of Course closes 30 minutes before the start of the session and the volunteer assists with posting results for the remainder of the session. 

Team Parent: Typically assigned for an age group (8-under, 9-10, 11-12), the team parent maintains order in the group, marks/helps mark swimmers with their events, and monitors meet progress to ensure swimmers are sent to the blocks, or Block Keepers, before each event. 

Block Keeper: Organizes swimmers into heats and then sends each heat to the blocks so that swimmers are at the blocks ready to swim prior to their assigned heat. 

Console and Scoring Computer Workers: Some training is needed, but someone will be there to help you learn. Two to three scoring computer workers are needed per session. MUST UNDERGO ON-THE-JOB TRAINING. 

Officials/Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn Judges: Volunteers to be referees, starters, and stroke and turn judges are needed for each session. Training is required for these positions. Clinics are given in the fall and spring. 

Meet Marshals: Meet marshals are responsible for maintaining a safe environment on the deck and in the warm-down pool. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!