Starfish History

The Starfish Swim Club began its mission to provide quality instruction and coaching to the Albany area as the SUNYA Swim Club in 1965. Originally it served the University of Albany and surrounding community families. The University of Albany pool served as the first training site for the club. In 1980, the club was incorporated as a non-for-profit educational corporation named the Albany Starfish Swim Club. As the club grew in numbers, additional training sites were sought to adequately address the training needs of its swimmers. In 1988, the Voorheesville Swim Club merged with the Albany Starfish and the name of the club was changed to the A-V Starfish. The club recently returned to the Albany Starfish name which more accurately describes the diversity of its membership throughout the greater Albany region. For more information, see the Parent Handbook (link to handbook)

The Albany Starfish Swim Club has been committed to achieving excellence in athletics, academics, and public service for over 40 years. Our goal is to develop competitive swimmers both as athletes and as well rounded young men and women. We also offer quality learn to swim programs for all children regardless of race, color, religion, or financial means.

Mission, Vision and Core Objectives

The Starfish Swim Club mission is to provide our members with the tools necessary to reach the highest levels of success within the sport of swimming and to instill the qualities which will assist them in achieving success throughout their life during and after their competitive experience. Starfish Swim Club believes in challenging our athletes to be their best in a safe, healthy and positive environment.

Core Objectives

Maximize Potential: Through a well organized and defined program, swimmers in will have the opportunity to progress at their own pace, to the highest level of proficiency they choose to pursue. Coaches and instructors will consistently challenge each swimmer to take the next step on the road to excellence, providing a positive and rewarding atmosphere in which to do so.

Information/Education: Through it’s staff, the Starfish Swim Club will provide information to swimmers and parents so all may come to know the benefits of the competitive swimming experience. As a “lifetime” activity, swimmers can benefit from a relationship with swimming long after their competitive years have concluded.

During the competitive years, the better the athlete and parent understands the dynamics of developing a competitive swimmer, the better prepared they will be to work together with the coach to achieve the highest degree of success possible within the sport.

Promotion/Exposure: It is the goal of the Starfish Swim Club to promote the sport of swimming within the Capital District. In doing so, the club looks to maximize it’s ability to provide opportunities to as many new members as possible. The more people learn about our sport, the more likely they will be willing to participate.

Achieve Competitive Success: We provide our staff with ongoing opportunities to enhance their knowledge base, to better enable them to provide swimmers at all levels with sufficient training, supervision and motivation to excel. It is our goal for all to achieve success.

With guidance from their coaches, each swimmer will have the opportunity to define “success” as it applies to them individually. From that point, the entire Starfish organization is committed to assisting each swimmer in their quest to achieve that goal.  
Starfish Mailing Address:   PO Box 9408    Niskayuna, NY 12309