Albany Starfish and Adirondack Swimming is in need of NEW officials.  Without officials, meets will not happen.  Adirondack Swimming and the Albany Starfish are looking for new up and coming parents of young swimmers to become involved.  Any questions - contact one of the Starfish officials below. 


10. They give you free food and a heat sheet.
 9. You don’t have to time.
 8. The meets go much faster.
 7. It’s cooler on deck than in the stands, and not as crowded either.
 6. You don’t have to decide what to wear to a swim meet.
 5. You meet new and interesting people - across the state and country. 
 4. You don’t have to deal with annoying parents in the stands.
 3. You get to see your child swim up close and personal, and they know where you are when they need money. 
 2. You have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to your child’s swimming efforts. 

 1. All teams need to provide officials in the meets we participate in, or they won’t happen.

Albany Starfish Team Officials

Joel Richardson(A/O)

Brink Hartman

Heidi Gray

​Lisa Ball

Terrance Tripp

Nicole Broadhead