Starfish Monthly Billing Explained

The Starfish Swim Club participates in a monthly billing program which is hosted by Team Unify, a software program designed specifically for use by swim teams. We use these billing accounts to invoice for USA Swimming Registration, Squad Fees, Meet Fees, Banquet Fees and Apparel. This platform can be used for fundraising as well. We encourage families to check their accounts a few times each month so that each family can anticipate the monthly charge that is billed to either the credit/debit card or the bank account that is on file.

Each family can log onto their account and check their account balance and items invoiced by logging into the Starfish Website, Clicking on “My Account” on the left hand side and then on “My Invoice/Payment.“ If a family wishes to change their method of payment, they can do so by logging onto the Starfish Website, clicking “my account” and then “my account” again. All Starfish families are expected to pay by credit/debit card or account withdrawl in full each month unless they make a written request to pay by check to both the Club President and the Club Treasurer and that request is then granted.

USA Swimming Registration

All swimmers must be USA Swimming registered to participate in our program. This fee is typically paid once a year, in September. The exception is the case that a swimmer begins USA Swimming during the long course season. In that case, a yearly payment is made regardless of the start date so that all registrations expire at the same time, and if the swimmer chooses to continue, they will make a another 1 yearly payment in September. USA Swimming carries the insurance for our swimmers and facilities while participating in our program. For this reason, no swimmer may participate in our program after swimming evaluations without being USA Swimming registered.

Starfish Swim Club uses Team Unify’s registration platform to collect USA Swimming registration fees for each swimmer at the time of registration. These fees are listed on your monthly statement as being invoiced as well as being listed as paid (as this fee is collected at the moment of registration). This entire fee is then paid to USA Swimming after it is collected by Starfish Swim Club.

Squad Fees

An explanation of Squad Fees and billing for squad fees is located on the Starfish Website under the tab “Join our Team” on the right hand side of the page and then clicking on “Explanation of Starfish Fees – Click Here.” It is also located under the “About Us” tab and then “Join Our Team.”

Meet Fees

Swimmers pay meet fees to participate in USA Swimming Swim Meets. Starfish invoices for these fees through our billing system. Unless the meet is hosted by our club, Starfish merely passes on the collected fees to the host team. We do not collect any administrative fee for this service. We do pay the host team for all of our entries in advance of the meet, as regulated by the Adirondack Local Swim Committee. For this reason, we can not refund meet fees if a swimmer does not attend a meet in which they have been entered.

In general you will see the following fees in the meet announcement (which can be found on the website under the tab labeled ‘meets’) supplied by the host team.  For local meets, the following fees are typical.  For away meets, fees may be higher.  You can find the details in the meet announcements.

Individual Entries - $4.50 (The fee varies depending on whether or not the meet is positive check in or has a finals session)

Relays - $6.00 (Typically these are only done at Trophy Meet, Travel, and Championship Meets)

Deck Fee - $2.00

The meet host typically charges each swimmer for their entry into the meet (Deck Fee), their individual entries (how many swims they perform), and for their participation on relays (1/4 of total relay cost). They do this to help offset the cost of running a meet and to raise funds for the host’s team. The Adirondack LSC charges the host team a fee for each of those fees listed. For instance, the Adirondack LSC charges $0.50 per individual entry and $1 for each swimmer at the meet, therefore the host club needs to charge more than that to administrate the swim meet.

The Adirondack LSC also caps on how much a host team can charge for these fees. Typically, the surcharge the LSC puts on a meet increases when the meet is a prelim/final format (some of the swimmers benefit from multiple swims in the same event, therefore the charges go up). There is also an allowance under the fee cap to allow the host team to charge more for these entries, too. Also, almost any other LSC charges more for swim meets than the AD LSC. If your swimmer participates in an out of district meet, expect the fees to be higher.

When you look at your monthly invoice, you may see a meet entry charge, such as "Kick-Off June 12 meet (4I +3R)." This means your swimmer has been charged for 4 Individual events, 3 Relays, plus the deck fee or $1. Also, at Championship Meets and the Trophy Meet, all swimmers are entered in relays, so all swimmers will be charged ¼ of $6, or $1.50, for each relay in which they are entered.

Banquet Fees

Starfish Swim Club currently uses the Team Unify Registration platform to charge for the end of season banquet. Money is collected in the same way for banquet tickets as for USA Swimming registration. It is paid for at the time swimmers are signed up for the banquet. The charge does, however, show up on your invoice as being both invoiced and paid.

Starfish Apparel/Caps

When a family orders Starfish Apparel or caps, the apparel coordinator takes your order and then your billing account is charged for the items.

If there are ever any questions about the amount you were charged, please inspect your invoice on line and then email the Club Treasurer [email protected]


Delinquent Accounts Policy

Timely remittance of monthly dues and fees are critical to the efficient operations of Starfish Swim Club. Collection of squad fees, meet fees and any other items charged to a member’s account is a time consuming process when the automated charges do not clear as anticipated. As well, the club does incur fees when electronic transactions do not clear properly during the monthly billing cycle.

It is the obligation of each Starfish family to manage their Team Unify Billing Account properly and review whether or not payments are automatically clearing.

In the event that a family becomes delinquent in payments, actions will include but not be limited to:

30 days past due:

Member will not be allowed to sign their swimmer up for swim meets.

60 days past due:

Member will be sent a notice (electronically) notifying them that they will not be allowed to attend practices if their account becomes 90 days past due.

90 days past due:

Member’s swimmer(s) will not be allowed to attend practices until their account is brought current or they have developed a repayment plan that has been approved by the Board of Directors.

120 days past due:

Member will be sent a letter notifying them of expulsion from Starfish Swim Club and that Starfish may elect to use the legal system or a collection agency to remedy the delinquent account. Families may be reinstated upon complete payment of all past dues, fees and account charges at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Checks received on accounts that are returned for non-sufficient funds will be assessed an NSF fee of $25.

On-Line Bill Pay checking/savings accounts declined for non-sufficient funds or credit card authorizations declined for insufficient outstanding balance will be assessed an NSF fee of $25.

Proposed February 24,2014 v1.2
Adopted by the Board March 8, 2014