2022-2023 Explanation of Fees — Starfish Swim Club 

Dues Payment Plans and Fee Schedule

Starfish payment plan is monthly we only accept payments electronically. Electronic payment is easy and accurate for you and it saves the volunteers who handle this work significant time.

The Monthly Plan

The Monthly Plan allows families to split the fees evenly over the 7 months of Short Course and the 4 months of Long Course.  The fees for Short Course are billed on the first of each month from October through March.  The October 1, 2022 charge will include both September and October fees.  The Long Course fees are billed on the first of each month from April though July.  The monthly plan requires credit card payment or a direct withdrawal from your bank account. 

The Monthy Payment Plan - Short Course Season (September - March)


Total Short Course
2022-2023 Fees

7 Monthly Installments
(September - March)
Pre-Competitive $700.00 $100.00
Age Group  $1050.00 $150.00
Senior/College Alumni $1575.00 $225.00


Exceptions to the electronic payment policy must be preapproved by the team Treasurer and President with a request to do so made in writing.

USA Swimming Registration

All swimmers must register with USA Swimming before beginning practice.  Families are responsible for registering their swimmers with USA Swimming.  A one-time fee of $25 per swimmer will be billed at the time of online registration for the 2022-2023 season includes a Starfish t-shirt and swim cap to be given out before the first meet.


  1. Starfish offers a $225 discount to high school varsity swimmers, credited once the high school season starts (October - Girls; January - Boys).
  2. For families with more than one swimmer, we offer multi-swimmer discounts of $25 per additional swimmer, credited in October.
  3. If your swimmer switches squads during the year, fees will be adjusted accordingly.
  4. Fundraising Commitment is a separate fee from squad fees.

Credit Card and ACH (Automated Bank Withdrawal) Fees

For Credit Card transactions, we are billed 2.95% of the charged amount plus a 30 cent fee per transaction.

For ACH transactions (when you provide TeamUnify with your bank account information), we are billed 0% of the charged ammount plus a $1.25 per transaction.

TeamUnify will add those fees to your charges.  You will see them on your invoice as CC Processing Fee or ACH Processing Fee.  

Please note, we will not be providing the option to pay by check. The amount of time needed to manage collecting, recording, depositing, verifying, etc. checks is more than our volunteers can bear.  The ACH option is available for everyone, which is comparable to the cost of mailing checks.

Refund Policy

Within the First Three Weeks of Practice Season

Any requests for refunds made within the first three weeks of the squad's practice season will be reviewed by the Finance Committee on a case-by-case basis.  The request should be made to the Treasurer of the Club, and the following general guidelines have been established:

Club Registration Fees

If a swimmer is injured or determines that he/she does not want to continue within three (3) weeks after the commencement of the squad's practice season, the Finance Committee will consider a refund of the Club registration fees.  However, USA Swimming fees cannot be refunded.

Meet Fees

Once a swimmer has been entered in a meet, the meet fees are due and no refunds can be made.  The Club has a responsibility to pat those meet fees to the host club on a timely basis.

After the First Three Weeks of Practice Season

The Albany Starfish Swim Club has found it necessary to establish a firm NO REFUND POLICY concerning annual swimming dues and registration fees for swimmers who have registered with our club and have requested a refund after the first three (3) weels of their squad's practice season.  Our financial commitments involve annual contracts based on swimmer registrations.  Albany Starfish Swim Club is obligated to fulfill these contracts regardless of the number of swimmers we have in the water at any time. We understand many of our swimmers will experience, at some time during the season, illness, injury, over-commitment, decreased interest or problems that may take them out of the water.  While we regret these problems, NO REFUND OF REGISTRATION FEE AND/OR FEES can be made for swimmers who are out of the water.


Email the Starfish treasurer at [email protected]