Fundraising Requirement Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors July 2019

Fundraising is an integral component of the Starfish annual budget. The cost of running the club exceeds $ 250,000. Dues income only satisfies a portion of this requirement. The remainder of our needed revenue is met through meets that we host, our Starfish Swim Club Raffle, and the various fundraising initiatives of the club.

For this reason, there is an annual fundraising obligation for all Starfish families. This obligation is a MINIMUM amount to be raised by a swim family. Of course the more money our swimmers can raise the better off our club will be!

The Starfish Swim Club Raffle will run from November 2021 to January 2022 and will replace SwimMania as our main fundraiser for the Short Course season; the drawing will be held on January 8, 2022.

All Starfish families are required to participate in thie fundraiser.  

  • Each family (not swimmer) will receive 25 raffle tickets to sell at a cost of $10/ticket during the month of November 2021 from the Head Coach at either the North or South Site
  • Families will be billed for the ticked through Team Unify as follows:
    • $100 in November 2021
    • $75 in December 2021
    • $75 in January 2022
  • Families will keep the money for the tickets sold; no exchange of cash with Treasurer and/or coaches
  • Extra tickets will be available through the Head Coaches once a family's original 25 tickets have been turned in
  • There will be a prize awarded to the family that sells the most tickets.  Additionally, families that sell over the 25 tickets will earn an entry into an additional prize drawing.
  • All tickets must be returned no later than January 7, 2022
  • Raffle Prizes:
    • 1st Prize - $2000
    • 2nd Prize - $1000
    • 3rd Prize - $500
    • 4th through 10th prizes will be a combination of smaller cash prizes and non-cash prizes




Concession Donation Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors July 2019


The Starfish Swim Club operates a concession stand during all team-hosted meets.  This concession stand is a major fundraiser for our swim club and its successful operation requires donations from Starfish family members.  

With the exception of our Pre-Competitive Group, familes from each group are required to donate 2 concession food items for each team hosted meet (or an equivalent cash donation of $35.00)

*Please note that if you choose to make a cash donation in lieu of food items as outlined above, it does not get deducted from the monetary portion of your fundraising obligation; it only counts towards your concession requirement. 

**Failure to sign-up for a concession item or to make the cash donation by the job sign-up deadline will be subject to a $50.00 fine. 



Family Volunteering Requirement Policy (2019-20)

Adopted by the Board of Directors July 2019


The Starfish Swim Club is a parent run, non-profit organization and fully relies on the participation of the swim families that are a part of the club to be successful.

This year the team hosts two major meets: Starfish Trophy Invitational (January 3rd - 5th, 2020) and the Adirondack Silver SC Championships (February 28th - March 1st, 2020). These meets are major fundraisers for our team, which, in turn, help keep squad fees down. We cannot run these meets without help from all of our families. Under this policy, each family is required to work a minimum two (2) shifts at these Starfish hosted meets. Regardless of the level of participation of your swimmer, you will still be required to work a minimum of two shifts at team-hosted meets.

There are a number of jobs that parents can sign up for to fulfill this requirement, which will be listed on the team web site in the form of a job sign up under each meet. Signing up right away is the best way to ensure that you are working at a time that works best for you and your family. Note that regardless of the job you are working, you will always be able to see your swimmer race – that’s why we are all there after all. If you have signed up for a job and you cannot work that shift, you must find a replacement for that shift.

If you are having problems fulfilling your volunteer requirement please contact our Volunteer Coordinators - Heather White or Jessica  Grizzard via email at [email protected] and we will try to work with you to ensure your requirement is met.


Please note:


  1. In addition to the above, all families are expected to time at meets. If your child is swimming at any meet, the expectation is that you will be available to time at some point during their session. At Starfish hosted meets, timing is allocated to visiting teams to allow our parents to be available for other critical jobs.
  2. This volunteer requirement must be met during our team-hosted meets.
  3. Any family that does not fulfill their volunteer requirement will incur a $100 penalty per meet.
  4. Over the course of the season there may be other types of non-meet events where we need volunteers (Swim Mania, pancake breakfast, etc…). Note that volunteering at these events does not count towards the requirement outlined above.





Timing Requirement Policy

Adopted by the Board of Directors August 2018

The Starfish Swim Club is a parent run, non-profit organization that fully relies on the participation of the swim families that are a part of the club to be successful.

When our team attends a meet, we are required to provide timers. Therefore it is expected that if you have a swimmer swimming in a meet you will be a timer. If your swimmer is swimming in the meet you will receive an email that informs you that the job sign-up is available on the website. When you go to sign up be sure to choose a time slot during the session in which your child is swimming. The time slots listed are just estimated based on previous years and are subject to change. The number of timers we are responsible for providing is dependent on the number of swimmers we have participating in the meet and is not known when the sign-up sheets are created. Because of this we sometimes need to add more timers or we sometimes do not use all the timers that have signed up. If we don’t have enough timers signed up we will assign a time slot to families that have not signed up on their own-we will be sure to assign you a slot during the session in which your child is swimming. It is our goal that no family should need to time more than once per day of a meet and each timing slot should not be more than 75 minutes.

If you do not fulfill your timing requirement your account will be billed a “No Show Timing Fee” of $20.