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Addendum to Handbook (Feb 2011)

First, in order to protect the privacy of Starfish swimmers, coaches and families, the recording of practice sessions is no longer allowed without prior consent from the Board of Directors.  This includes all forms of video recording and still photography from any source.

The Board has given coaches the authority to request anyone found recording during a practice session to stop immediately.  Failure to comply will result in the person recording being asked to leave the pool. Recording of swimmers is still allowed at swim meets, but we ask that families understand the specific rules and policies of each swim meet in which they participate.

Second, swim team families should not leave swimmers unattended for any extended period of time at practice facilities. While at swim facilities, unattended swimmers and siblings should stay in the observation area of the pool. It is acceptable for parents and supervised children to observe from the hallway outside the Siena pool; however any running, climbing on the wall or entering the exercise room is expressly prohibited.  Starfish Swim Club rents ONLY the pool facilities, and it is important to respect the facility’s rules and the safety and comfort of others that use the facilities. All of our swimmers, or their siblings, MUST be supervised by their family members or by a responsible adult designated by their families at all times other than when they are with their coaches during the practice session.  This is not the responsibility of coaches, Board members, or other Starfish families.

Thank you for your immediate cooperation with both of these issues.

The Board of Directors developed each of these policies at the Saturday, February 12, 2011 Board meeting following a discussion of situations observed over the past several weeks.  The safety and well being of our coaches, swimmers and families is paramount, and we will be reviewing Starfish policies over the next several months with these concerns in mind.

Please contact any of the Board members with your comments, suggestions or questions.

Gary Burch, President