Welcome to Baranof Barracudas Swim Club.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the BBSC swim club.  Here are some important things for you to know before you register your child as a member of this club.

Safety First

All swimmers are expected to be able to swim at least 25 yards, safely, without assistance prior to showing up to a swim team practice, clinic, or try-out. Please consult with a coach or lifeguard about whether your child is water-safe. In addition, if your child needs lessons, please contact a Coach or the Blatchley Pool Manager for options for lessons.

Our Mission

To develop and promote competitive swimming for all ages and abilities, to encourage health and fitness, and to develop athletes with high self-esteem, respect and sportsmanship in the sport of swimming and the community in a nationally recognized program.

Our Vision

  • Provide a positive environment to develop competitive swimmers.
  • Provide swimmers the opportunities to grow and achieve their ultimate potential in swimming – High School, College, State, National and International.
  • Teach and develop individual character and team spirit through swimming.
  • Promote good health for the mind and body.
  • Foster outstanding volunteer support.


  •  Establish and provide a team structure for competitive training at all levels.
  •  Educate swimmers in sportsmanship and team building.
  •  Provide team spirit through organized group activities.
  •  Employ outstanding coaches.
  •  Provide an affordable swimming program.
  •  Establish structured parent education.
  •  Obtain and ensure quality pool access.
  •  Maintain open communication with the community

Registration & Communication

Swimmer registration with BBSC and almost all team communication will be sent to you via email from our website: https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=asbbsc. In order to register, click on the “Start Registration” on the team home page.

Coach would like you to share the emails you receive from the club with your swimmer(s). This is their activity/club and it is important for them to know what is going on. 

The website will also allow you to view your current invoice, history of dues paid, make payments and sign your child up for events/meets when they are ready to compete. In addition, schedules are posted on this site under Practice Schedule, and also under Masters Swimming tabs.

The Club also posts updates, schedules, and other information on the BBSC Facebook page and on the team bulletin board and spectator area at the pool.

USA Swimming Registration

Our Insurance and Governing Body. All USA Swimmers (aka age-group) swimmers must register with USA Swimming, regardless of their competition status.  This is your swimmers’ insurance in the pool and on-deck.  This is paid annually, either upon joining BBSC or in October for returning members.  The fee is $86/year for 2022.  Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch may be able to apply for an Outreach Scholarship to help off-set their USA Swimming Fee.  Please ask the BBSC Accounts Receivable Officer for more information.

Masters should register with US Masters swimming @ www.usms.org.

Roster Groups

We have many groups to serve different levels of swimming abilities.  Our coaches will determine your child’s level after a few sessions with us. We typically like to have a short evaluation then try dolphins or silvers for beginning age-group swimmers. 

Most swimmers start in the Dolphin’s group.  Swimmers of all ages may be in the Dolphin’s group.  This is the swim team’s competitive entry level.  In dolphins, swimmers will learn the four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke) as well as their turns and starts.  Silvers must be able to execute all strokes and all turns at a competitive level. Golds and Elites have specific objective performance criteria, please speak with a BBSC Coach for more specifics with each group.


The team provides fins, kickboards, and other essential equipment as part of the dues. You are also welcomed to bring your own. Suits, goggles and a water bottle are required and must be purchased individually. Please ask Coach Kevin or BBSC Board President Tracie Harang to arrange access to our in-house swim shop for suits, goggles, and team apparel. Gold and Elite swimmers are highly encouraged to have a training snorkel.

BBSC Dues Scheduling and Payment

Dolphins: $84.00 / month

Silvers: $96.00 / month

Golds: $114.00 / month

Elites: $120.00 / month

Masters: $120 / month

*USA Swimming: $86.00 / year (for 2022)

BBSC offers a multi-swimmer discount of $10.00 off per swimmer for families with multiple swimmers. The discount is applied to the next lowest level of dues schedule (e.g., Elite at $120 with a Gold discounted to $104).

*All swimmers, except Masters who register with US Masters Swimming, pay the annual USA Swimming registration fee.

Dues and fees incurred are invoiced on the first day of the month. Payment shall be remitted to BBSC by the 10th of the month. Timely remittance is critical because BBSC is a relatively small club and, as a result, any late payment has a proportionally large adverse effect on club’s ability to operate. It is the account holder’s responsibility to know what balances are due and to ensure payments are made on time. Dues and fees may be paid via credit card through the Team Unify website, or via check. Checks should be made out to “BBSC” and MAILED to BBSC, P.O. Box 2464, Sitka, AK. 99835 Please do not give checks to the Coach(es).  

Meet and Travel Fees

Each swim meet typically has a relatively small entry fee for each individual swim and relay event and a surcharge associated with the facility that hosts the event. These costs will be invoiced to the accounts of those swimmers who sign up for the meet. These costs pass through BBSC. Meet fees are charged based on event registration, not what was actually swam by the swimmer. For example, if a swimmer misses an event at a meet, or scratches an event that they were registered for, BBSC still gets charged for their entry into those events so the fees will still be charged to the swimmer. Additionally, when BBSC travels to meets, a travel fee will be charged to the accounts of those swimmers that travel in order to help offset the travel costs for the coach(s). The travel fee may vary but has historically been approximately $50. Meet fees and facility surcharges are normally advertised for each event under the "Events" tab of the Team Unify website. If you do not see the meet fees and facility surcharges posted for the event you are interested in, please contact the coach or the Accounts Receivable Treasurer before assuming there are none.

Overdue Accounts

Overdue accounts will be assessed a $10.00 late fee if not paid by the 10th of the month. The late fee will continue to accrue each month for which the account holder’s balance remains overdue. Swimmers whose accounts have balances more than two months past due may be denied access to team practices and events until the overdue balance is paid. Swimmers whose accounts are overdue should not expect to travel with the team. Overdue account debts may be referred to collections agencies.

Challenging an Invoice

Account holders who believe an invoice to be incorrect shall challenge the invoice by contacting the ART as soon as possible via email. Account holders agree that invoices and charges that are more than 30 days old which have not been challenged by the account holder will be assumed correct. Exceptions to this may be granted by the President of BBSC on a case-by-case basis and will normally only be granted under extraordinary circumstances. For this reason, it is vital that account holders ensure their account contact information and email addresses are accurate.

Swimmer Status Changes

Account holders requesting that swimmer account status with the team be suspended or canceled shall notify the ART via email by the 20th of the swimmer’s last month swimming. This lead time enables the status change to be input and processed by Team Unify so that the account is not invoiced for the subsequent month. The ART will change the swimmer’s status and notify the account holder via the email address associated with their Team Unify account that a status change was made.

Vacation Credit

BBSC operates year-round. A vacation credit for a swimmers’ temporary absence may be awarded to an account in increments of two weeks. That is, if a swimmer is absent from practice for a period of at least two weeks, the account may be credited for that period. Attending practice at any time during the two-week period precludes award of the vacation credit. The account holder shall notify the Accounts Receivable Treasurer in writing, or via email, prior to the swimmer’s absence in order to receive the vacation credit. Vacation credits will not be applied retroactively.

Parent Involvement

As a youth sport/activity, swimming does perhaps require more parent involvement than other sports, but the rewards are lifelong.  We are a large active group.  Parent help is always appreciated and drives the success of this program.  Here are some ways you could help:

  • Fundraising: To help off-set operating costs and to keep dues low, we do require that members participate in our annual fundraising event.  If a family chooses not to participate, they will need to write a check in the amount that the other members have been asked to fundraise.  Unpaid fundraising balances could result in your child not being allowed to swim until the balance is paid.  At the discretion of the board, lessons participants may be excused from fundraising.
  • Time trials and swim meets: Timing, hospitality, set-up/clean-up, ribbons and awards, stroke and turn officials, housing
  • Awards Dinner and Annual Meetings: pot-luck organizer, awards, certificates
  • Activity Organizers: As a team, we like to do fun activities and encourage the kids to get to know each other outside of the pool.  We need 1-2 parents per roster group who would enjoy organizing activities for 10-15 kids at a time.  Talk to Brent if you are interested.
  • Last but not least, a positive attitude goes a long way in making this club successful.  Please support your coaches and the volunteer board.  Parents are welcome to attend monthly board meetings and voice their concerns about the club or speak with the Board President directly.

Points of Contact

General questions about the team

New accounts and membership

Swim groups/coaching

Kevin Knox, Head Coach

907-738-4664, [email protected]

Billing and Invoices

Accounts Receivable Treasurer

 [email protected]