Swim Meets

The team meet schedule can be found under the Events Tab on the home page.

Swim Meets are the time for swimmers to see all their hardwork in the pool pay off and should be a fun positive experience.

For more information, read the Swim 101 Guide and feel free to speak with a Coach.


Link to the full Adirondack Schedule (includes meet announcements)..Click Here


  • In order to attend the Silver Championship meet, you must compete in at least one prior meet and have a valid time in that event
  • In order to attend the Gold Championship meet, you must compete in at least two prior meets and have a valid time that meets the cut-off time.
  • Look for Meet signup info in your account, emails and on the web site.
  • Meets may be added or deleted, please check the schedule regularly.


Please be to meets, ready on deck, at least 15 minutes prior to warm ups.Meet  Sign Up Procedures

Check Meet Schedule for the meets that your child's group are expected to attend. 

You may sign up for any meet you would like to go to, even if that group is not scheduled 

(unless it is a meet you must qualify for).

The coach will then sign the swimmers up for events, and they will be posted. 

This will give you an opportunity to review your child's events, and make any requests to the coach.