Some common questions that come up:

1.  Who are the Coaches?

            Each group will have at least 1 to 2 coaches assigned to them.  All our coaches are USA Swimming certified and have numerous years of coaching and swimming experience.  All our coaches a have competed at the local and national level.  We have the most qualified and exceptional coaching staff available.  I have been coaching for over 20 years and this is the best group I have been with.


2.  What is the coaching philosophy?

            I believe in a slow positive progression of success.  My goal has always been for swimmers to finish their high school career swimming their best times with the option to continue to swim in college.  I do not believe and overworking and pressuring young swimmers.  We have developed a great progression of stroke and endurance steps that allows swimmers to accomplish all their goals.  We have swimmers from the developmental level all the way up to swimmers on the national stage.


3.  What group will my child be in?

            At the screening, we will determine what group best fits your child.  You can see a description of each group on the website.  Group placement is based on age, skill level, and experience.  Groups are also fluid.  If the coaches believe the swimmer needs to move to the next level during the season, we will make the change.


4.  Does my child need to attend every practice?

            No.  I understand swimmers have other interest and things to do.  The more a swimmer attends, the better they will do and the more they will improve.  I understand swimmers may be able to attend more on some weeks then others.  It has been my experience, the more success and improvement a swimmer has, the more they want to attend.  Often times, they go to practice just to see their friends.


5.  Where and when are the swim meets?

            Most of our meets are in the Albany area.  We attend approximately 1 meet a month and they occur on Saturday or Sunday.  Once our district posts the official meet schedule, I will post our team schedule on the website.  For each meet, there will be a description to tell what groups should attend.  Meet sign-ups will occur online and will be discussed at the parent meeting.


6.  What are the parent obligations?

            The number one obligation is to be positive and work cooperatively with the coaching staff.  We will discuss further at the parent’s meeting.  Parents should be their swimmer’s biggest cheerleader.  The coaches will handle the coaching.  Besides the registration fees, each family must fundraise $350 and work a total of 8 pts at our two summer hosted meets.  (See family obligations under the Swim groups tab with Fees.) Parents are also required to do a timing shift at swim meets.  These requirements are for the Grey to Senior group. White Group members do  need to fundraise abut are not required to work meets. Red Group members do not need to fundraise and/or work meets.  There are other opportunities to get involved including helping out at team parties and events.


7.  Do you have to be a great swimmer to be on the team?

               Two things I often hear from new families, one, I never knew the club existed and two, I wish we started sooner.  There is a myth out there that in order to be on a team, you have to be a great swimmer.   What I have learned over the years is that it is reverse.  What young swimmers need to do is to join a great team and then you will develop into a great swimmer.  We are that GREAT team.  We are the leading team in the area with a program that develops swimmers from the basic skills to the top levels of achievement.  There is a place for all swimmers to meet their individual goals.


Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] with any questions