The Flyers program has four levels of practice groups that reflect ability, experience and age. Within each level there may be more than one lane in which the coach has broken the group down further for the purpose of better compatibility.

For new swimmer tryouts we will look at the swimmers while they swim a length of freestyle and a length of backstroke.  Afterward, they will all need to tread water in the deep end for a full minute.
The swimmers aren't required to know how to dive in the water, they can hop in and start from the side.  The swimmers should be able to complete a length without stopping.  After one length of freestyle the swimmers will get back on line to do their backstroke length.
We look for comfort level while swimming which means moving through the water without struggling.  Some basic skills of kicking and breathing are necessary and we often find that our youngest swimmers lack the strength to make up for the lack of these skills.  Most who tryout are accepted on the team but a few may be told they should get some swim lessons and try again another season.  In our practices we may have several swimmers in each lane and we must ensure that they can all keep up and the coaches don't have to worry about any of their swimmers.
After the tryout is completed all of the swimmers will be told which practice group they are assigned to or if they didn't make the team.  All new Flyers are allowed to participate in one practice before registering.


White Group

Entry level group, introduced to all of the competitive strokes with an emphasis on kicking and body position. Generally, ages 6 - 9.  Practices 45 minutes, two days a week.

Blue Group

Older beginner swimmers who would feel uncomfortable in the younger group, and younger swimmers advanced from the White group.  More complex drills and technique emphasis in all four strokes, while continuing to improve kicking and timing of all phases of each stroke.  Generally, ages 8-12.  Practices 45 minutes two days a week

Red Group

Intermediate swimmers who demonstrate skills in all four competitive strokes and who have the ability to complete multiple lengths comfortably.  They are introduced to a more challenging regimen of instruction and training.  Generally, ages 9-13.  Practice 1 - 1 1/2 hrs., 3 times a week.

Gold Group

Advanced swimmers with prior experience, many of whom are currently on school teams or are competing on a regular basis.  More refined and repetitive drills and technique work are incorporated into longer-yardage sets and challenging swims.  Other supplemental exercises are introduced as a training tool.  Generally, ages 11 through high school.  Practice 1 - 1 1/2 hrs., 3 times a week.