2022-2023 Fall/Winter

Open for Returning Members

9/1/22 - 3/1/23

Open for New Members

9/1/22 - 3/1/23


Welcome to the Greater Glens Falls Flyers Swim Club!  When registering your swimmer please answer all associated questions and fill-ins.  You must use a valid credit card for payment and you will be responsible for maintaining a current card on file for any future club charges such as swim meet entry fees, refunds or credit.

For payment you may choose pay-in-full which will automatically deduct 10% from the total club membership fee, or pay in three installments (first installment upon registration, second installment will be taken on Nov. 1 and the third installment on Jan.1).  

We are a member of USA Swimming which allows for member clubs to share general insurance coverage which is required while using other-owned facilities for team activities.  As a member club all individual club members must register with USA Swimming and they are also covered by the same insurance at and during all associated practices, activities and swim meets.  
    *This season all registered members must also register with USA Swimming by going to the USA Swimming website and make an account.  We will email you a link and instructions once we see your successful registration on our site.  You will have two weeks to complete the USA registration and pay their fee online.  All team members will select the Premium Athlete charge of $86.00; all registered children in the baby pool will select the Flex charge of $30.  (Brand new swimmers to USA Swimming must give us a copy of their birth certificate to send to our local Adirondack Swimming registrar.)
If this is not completed within the two weeks your swimmer cannot participate.

The Flyers membership fees for the 2022-2023 fall/winter season: (Oct. 3, 2022 - March 10, 2023)
     White & Blue group swimmers: $355.00*
     Red & Gold group swimmers: $485.00*
     Baby pool for younger siblings: $30.00
         (A limited number of younger siblings of registered team swimmers will be allowed to use the baby pool during practices and activities while directly supervised by a parent, but they also must be registered with USA Swimming.)

*For multiple team swimmers being registered from one family, each successive child's membership fee is discounted 5%.

In the past parents of swimmers who also compete for school varsity or modified teams ask for consideration of lower fees because the swimmer will not be attending Flyers during their school season.  We will not modify our fees.  We do offer this advice from prior experiences: there have been many Flyers who have participated on school teams while maintaining some level of practice attendance with us, and it pays off.  We are admittedly an instructional and developmental program for competitive swimmers.  On school modified teams there are often many swimmers with various skills and short practices not conducive to specific learning for individual swimmers.  For varsity teams, again, a multitude of skill levels and a concentration on getting in shape, fast.  Once school meets begin the number of school team practices per week decline.  We have found that our ability to separate skill levels, get to know personal habits, weaknesses and strengths allows the coaches to develop well-rounded and confident swimmers that supplement their school team experiences.  And, to be clear, the Flyers staff have all been competitive swimmers through school years and none of us would ever suggest not swimming for your school.  It is a wonderful and fulfilling experience.  The Flyers just want to help you be the best you can be!

Another Flyers committment is regular communication with swimmers and parents.  There will be a weekly Flyers Newsletter emailed to members every weekend.  We encourage parents to talk with their child's coach frequently to ask how their swimmer is progressing.  We encourage parents to ask any questions at any time (preferably before or after a practice).  Please don't think the question is silly.  Over 30 years of welcoming brand new swimmers and parents to competitive swimming, we have heard and answered every question you could think of!  There is also a Contact Us button on our homepage and it goes right to the head coach.  So, please ask and enjoy the Flyers experience!