Training Groups

When swimmers join Aquakids they are individually assessed based on their swim ability. Coaches take into account things like body position, swim stroke efficiency, strength, and endurance. Based on the athlete's swim assessment and overall performance, Aquakids coaches work together to determine the best group placement for each athlete. Athletes are then placed in one of the five Aquakids training groups. Swimmers who are just beginning and have no swim experience should start in Swim Academy or take private lessons. Each of the swim groups is outlined below.


Minimum Age: 5 years

Comfortably swim 25 yards freestyle with face in the water and side breathing. Comfortably swims 25 yards backstoke with body in a horizontal position. Ability to follow all coaching instructions and be respectable to coaches and other teammates. 


Recommended Age: 5-10 years 

Swim all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, butterfly) legally. Actively listen and follow all coaching directions. Enagages with other teammates and exhibits excellent attitude and character. Understands and can accurately follow team drills and interval sets. Has regular practice attendance and is a great team player. 


Recommended Age: 10-14 years

Swims all four stokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, butterfly) legally at 100 yards. Swims 200 yard freestyle, 200 yard individual medley (IM), and 500 yard freestyle legally. Demonstrates mastery and proficiency in all team drills and interval sets. Qualifies to complete at the state level. Demonstrates a high level of committment and maintains frequent practice attendance. Engages in appropriate coach and peer interaction and demonstrates exceptional sports character.   


Recommended Ages: 14-19 years

Swims all four stokes (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke, butterfly) legally at 200 yards. Demonstrates excellent stroke mechanics during practice and at meets. Has a high level of committment with 90% practice attendance and regular meet attendance. Exhibits individual and team leadership. Maintains hard efforts during practice and meets. Consistently demonstrates excellent team work, character and respect for coaches and teammates. Strives for competition excellence. Completes required test sets to be considered for Senior Group placement.Qualifies to compete at the state, regional, and national level.  

NOTE: Although recommended ages are provided for each training group, coaches may move athletes into different groups based on their overall performance. 

For more information on the Aquakids training groups, feel free to contact Coach Laura Beth, Aquakids Head Coach ([email protected]).