Meet Fees Info

The first thing to know and understand about meet fees is that no two meets are the same.  In different geographical areas, there are differences in the following: pricing structure, total cost, event order, number of days for competition, number of events allowed per day, level of competition within the meet, some meets sell out months in advance, some meets include an electronic meet program while others sell programs at the meet, etc.  Our program seeks to compete with top notch programs.  Top notch programs host top notch meets; therefore, at times costs are higher than other meets.  Moreover, the closest USA-S competitions in our geographical area are between 1.5 to 3 hours from us.  Some meets are further.  Rather than have meets every weekend, we spread out meets requiring travel to every 4-6 weeks.   Exceptions to this concept include but are not limited to championship portion of the season and and meets during the summer months.  Local home meets will be cheaper as we have control over pricing and sometimes we participate in recreational meets within an hour or so that are cheaper.  Local away meets which are still 45 minutes to an hour away in most cases are generally not in the best interest of our program.

We charge what is to be paid to the hosting team and a travel fee. A travel fee is industry standard practice that helps with costs for staff to attend and work at events/competitions.  Monthly dues cover regularly scheduled practices with some of our fundraising efforts doing the same.  All Jets Coaches have safety and continuing education certifications.  In the event that a swimmer registered for a meet cannot attend a meet, entry fees will not be charged unless cancellation happens after our entry deadline.  Away teams require that we pay for all registered swimmers regardless of whether the swimmer(s) attends or does not attend. Moreover, last minute cancellations can negatively impact the program in terms of performance I.e. scratching a relay(s) and/or may be a reason a hosting team does not invite a program to attend future meets because of causing empty lanes.  They want programs who travel and race.  Not attending can affect the timeline as well because a team wants full heats for efficiency purposes and competitive reasons. Lastly, cancellations may adversely affect timing volunteer time slots.  Our club creates a volunteer schedule prior to attending. For further info, please email [email protected]

Breakdown of  Meet Cost:

Host Team Fees + Jets Travel Fee

Add-ons may include: Meet programs, Meet apparel (sometimes included in fees mentioned above)

Jets Meet Travel Structure:

AAU Meets: $25 per swimmer

USA Meets: $45 per swimmer

National Meets: $75 per swimmer


ALWAYS read the meet information attachments for a breakdown of the host team’s fees.