The following is a list of terms that you may hear at a swim meet:

3-2-1: The start of a Jets meet warm-up. For our program, 3-2-1 means 300 alternating free and back by 75; 200 IM drill down/swim back; 100 kick on back. (All training groups except for Fun & Fitness)
4-3-2-1: An alternate start of a Jets meet warm-up. For our program, 3-2-1 means 400 free; 300 IM kick 25/drill 25/swim 25; 200 Pull; 100 kick on back. (Age Group Elite; Senior 2; Senior 1; Senior Elite)
8-6-4-2: A less frequent alternate start of a Jets meet warm-up. For our program, 8-6-4-2 means 800 free; 600 IM 50 kick/50 drill/50 swim; 400 pull; 200 kick on back. (Age Group Elite; Senior 1; Senior Elite)
ASI:  Arkansas Swimming, Inc. (Our LSC ).
CLERK OF COURSE: Seeds swimmers into their events and provides cards/info to deck officials.

COOL-DOWN:  A period after a race/practice for the swimmer to loosen up the muscles to prevent stiffness or soreness.  Alternate name for Warm-Down.
COURSE: Designated distance over which the competition is conducted. Long course~50 meters. Short course=25 yards.
CUT:  A time standard for a particular swim meet.
DECK SEEDED EVENT: An event where all entries are due prior to first day of meet and swimmers must declare availability to swim prior to scratch deadlines.
DRILL: a style of swim that works a specific portion of a stroke for specific technical purpose. Example: Finger-tip drag drill- drag fingertips through water, keep high elbows, increase distance per stroke.
D.Q. (DISQUALIFICATION): The swimmer’s time is not considered in the competition due to an improper or illegal stroke technique or other rules infraction. The referee or stroke judge determines DQ’s.
FALSE START: An error in which the swimmer leaves the block before the swimmer touches the wall on a relay event. Also a false start is given to any swimmer who makes any movement after being called to your mark, but before the starting signal has been given.
HEAT: A division of an event in which there are too many swimmers to compete at one time.
INVITATIONAL COMPETITION:  For those swimmers, organizations, and clubs invited by the host club.
LSC: Local Swim Committee: An administrative division of USA SWIMMING with supervisory responsibilities within certain geographic boundaries designated by USA SWIMMING.
OPEN: Each age group will have no qualifying times. B/C swimmers may compete, but awards will only be given to the top 6 or 8 fastest swimmers. Also, may refer to a division at a swim meet that includes events that are open to all ages, but awards will only be given to the top 6 or top 8 fastest swimmers that swim each event within this division, regardless of age. Awards are not always given at meets.
TAPER: This word is one of the most overused and misinterpreted words in competitive swimming. The word "taper" is used very sparingly in relation to our program; however, it is good to be familiar because you will hear it said a million and one times throughout the course of season by people from other programs.  "Taper" is common vernacular for a carefully planned program that involves getting a swimmer’s body and mind into top or peak performance levels before a major competition. (You will witness the taper program for our Regionally and Nationally competitive swimmers only.)
PRELIMS & FINALS MEET: A swimmer swims an event early in the day and returns later and swims that event again if he/she makes the consolation or final heat.
QUALIFYING HEATS: Competition in which a number of heats are swum to qualify the fastest swimmers for the finals where final placing for the event will be determined by the final heat of the fastest 6 or 8 swimmers.
SEEDING: Events seeded on the deck—Swimmers are called to report to the clerk of course for their event on the day of the meet. After scratches are determined they are then seeded in the proper heats.
PRE-SEEDED HEATS: Swimmers are arranged in heats in events according to submitted times and heat sheets are prepared prior to the day of competition.
TIMED FINAL HEATS:  Competition in which placing in heats are determined by the times performed in the qualifying heats.
 TIMER: Person, usually a volunteer, who holds the stopwatch to take times for the swim meet. 
UNATTACHED: An athlete member who competes but does not represent a club member of USA SWIMMING. (UNAT) Any swimmer, who transfers to another USA SWIMMING team, must swim unattached for 120 day between representing the two teams in competition.
USA SWIMMING: The organization that conducts swimming programs and supervises amateur competitions in the United States .  

WARM-UP: A planned session prior to a meet or practice.

WARM-DOWN: A period after a race/practice for the swimmer to loosen up the muscles to prevent stiffness or soreness. Alternate name for Warm-Down