Meet Mobile is a free App that is available for both iOS and Android. With it, you can get live results of meets in the palm of your hand! It allows you to keep track of meets no matter where you are. Meet Mobile supports the smallest swim meets to the largest national qualifying trials in the country, and provides easy, paper-free access to meet programs from all over the world, including heat sheets, psych sheets and real-time results.

How it works:
First find the meet. Best way is to search for “Flyers” in the search field.
When you select the correct meet, you will be at the Meet Program screen. Here you can pick from some various options. The important ones are “Events” and “Swimmers”.

When you select "Events" you will see a list of events for the meet. When you select a certain event, you will see the swimmers who are seeded into that meet (this is the psych sheet view). 

In the “Events” view, when the races are completed, it will update to show the final results. You can use the same small square 3 bars on the right side of the screen to switch back to the pysch sheet view (to see how the race was seeded vs. how it actually finished).

If you need to know what events your swimmer is in, you can select "Swimmers" from the Meet Program Screen. Under the swimmer's name will be the events they are swimming. If you choose to mark your swimmer as a “Favorite” [by hitting the blue star next to their name], the Meet Mobile app will only show your child (favorites) when you hit the blue star button at the bottom of the screen – this works for both the Events and Swimmers sections. Use this if you only want to see the races and results for your swimmer, and not for all the events and swimmers.

Meet Mobile will continue to update as each race is finished and results are scored (Note: these are Unofficial Results). You can also see the team score (select “Teams” from the Meet Program screen). Note that the information won’t update in Meet Mobile until the race is scored at the scoring table – usually this is about 4 or 5 races later. So be patient!