Congratulations to Avery Hafele - the May 2019 Swimmer of the Month!

Sean Ottoson
May 6, 2019
Avery Hafele is our new swimmer of the month. She has had her sights set in qualifying for Zones this year. She has been working very hard, and finally achieved her goal in the 100 and 200 backstroke. Congratulations to Avery! Here’s some more information about her: 
School & grade: 7th at Barnette Magnet
Training group: Juniors
Age: 13
Favorite stroke: Backstroke and Breastroke
Favorite event: 100 Backstroke
Favorite snack: Welch's gummies snack
Favorite treat: sour jelly beans
Best tip to get through a tough practice: keep a positive attitude 
Who motivates you? Teammates Sam and Lillie, my dad, my mom, and my coaches