Welcome to the home of MSST in Fairbanks, Alaska

Where we are "Committed to the Pursuit of Excellence!"


The success of Midnight Sun Swim Team relies on parent participation.  MSST has a mandatory volunteer participation policy and every MSST family is expected to volunteer throughout the year (October 1 - September 30).

Each MSST family must complete 12 volunteer points each year.  

MSST families can volunteer for team events throughout the year (parties, swim meets, etc) and/or sign up for a year-long volunteer positions.

Volunteer service requirement can be met by signing up for a year-long volunteer position (extended duty positions). These year-long positions are ongoing throughout the year. Job description are available from the volunteer coordinator, Jennifer Lent. The Board of MSST provides guidance and supervision for the year-long volunteer positions.

Year Long positions include MSST Board members, Swim Shop, Travel Coordinator, Concession Manager, On Site Treasurer, Swim-a-ton Coordinator and Public Relations.

Year-Long Volunteer Position - Participates will sign up on the job sign up list. Your service account will be credited with the volunteer service points during September 2018. Please contact Jennifer Lent with any questions. Thank you!

MSST Job Description