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USA Swimming: Online Member Registration (OMR)

Instructions for MSST Families



The information below outlines specific steps MSST Families should take to complete the new OMR process.  This process is one of many new features available through the SWIMS 3.0 platform, launched by USA Swimming on September 1, 2022.  Please read the following information carefully and follow the steps required to register your athlete for the 2022-23 season. 


Non-athlete members of USA Swimming (coaches, officials, chaperones, and board members) will follow the same process to register or renew for the 2022-23 season.  MSST does reimburse for non-athlete membership fees. 


The link to our unique registration portal on USA Swimming is:




Important Information:

  • Families will need to create a new account with USA Swimming.  Previous accounts with USA Swimming are no longer valid or active.
  • Swimmers will have a new USA Swimming Member ID as of September 1, 2022.  This ID is a combination of letters and numbers randomly generated by USA Swimming and assigned to a swimmer.  Don’t try to understand it…just write it down somewhere.
  • Swimmers will need to be registered as Premium Memberships.
  • Follow the steps below!   There are other resources available through USA Swimming, etc but the information outlined here has been created to eliminate unnecessary steps in an already complicated process for families. 
  • This will be easier in the future once families have an account and experience with the new platform.  In the meantime, be patient and ask questions.
  • If, and when, you get stuck on any page with a “Loading” message, please log out and log back into your account using your new account log in information. 


Registration for


Returning Athlete Members



Swimmers who are current members of USA Swimming should follow the steps outlined in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR RETURNING MEMBER REGISTRATION.

Registration for 


NEW Athlete Members



Swimmers who are new to MSST, and have no competitive swimming experience, should follow the steps outlined in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION.


Registration for 


Non-Athlete Members



All MSST coaches, officials, chaperones, and board members should follow the steps outlined in the Instructions for Non-Athlete Members.