Midnight Sun Swim Team




It is important to mark up your swimmers prior to sending them to the deck with their team. This meet ritual is to help kids keep up with their events and help coaches to keep track of who needs to go where and when.

Step 1: Mark the heat sheet in the meet program.

Heat sheets list every event in the meet in order. These heat sheets are available in the meet program. The heat sheet includes the number of the event as well as the distance and type of event (for example 50 yard freestyle).

The number of heats and the names of the swimmers will be listed next. Typically, heats are swum from slowest to fastest. If it is the first time a swimmer has swum the event, this will be indicated by “NT” for “no time” and they will swim in the earliest heats. Finally, each swimmer is assigned a lane.

  • Use a highlighter to mark your swimmer’s events.
  • Don’t forget to check to see if they are swimming in any relays.

This is what your heat sheet will look like:

Step 2: Write down the information on swimmer’s arm for quick reference.

  • Write meet information written on their arm (or thigh) with a Sharpie to help them keep track of their events. (Swimmers will also use the permanent markers to write slogans on the backs of teammates!).
  • Use four columns to show: event number, heat number, lane number and stroke.



  • Stroke Abbreviations:
  • FR: Freestyle stroke
  • BR: Breaststroke
  • BK: Backstroke
  • Fly: Butterfly
  • IM: Individual Medley