Coach Crystal has been teaching swim lessons and coaching swimming since 1997. Her passion for coaching started in high school, where she began her love of teaching swimming at the local YMCA and this passion continued throughout her college career. Since moving back to the valley in 2005, Coach Crystal has assisted in starting and developing recreational swim teams for the YMCA and Lifetime Fitness in Scottsdale.

Coach Crystal has completed a B.A. in English Literature and a Masters of Educational Leadership. She grew up as a competitive tennis player, She developed a strong passion for swimming getting into this sport “later in life.” Her love of both education and swimming has afforded has given her the opportunity to help young swimmers learn to enjoy the sport.  Often, children approach swim lessons and/or joining a swim team with some apprehension. Coach Crystal believes, "I do my best to help the young swimmers develop a love of the water and encourage them to seek higher swim goals. Through this process, the swimmers have forgotten any apprehension they had and have moved forward with confidence in the water. I then move towards the technical development of competitive swimming."

Through Coach Crystal's formative years of tennis, she has a unique understanding of the process involved with development and has shown to be a great teacher of the basic, fundamental skills of the four competitive strokes. We have had many of Crystal’s recreational swimmers join SAC over the past few seasons and they were very capable from the outset.