SAC Totally Rad Swim-a-thon 2020 


Event Details

What:  2020 Totally Rad Swim-a-thon (Flashback to the 80s!)

When:  Saturday, November 21st

Where:  Cactus Park Aquatic Center

Who:  EVERYONE!   

All SAC swimmers and families are welcome and encourged to participate in this annual team event.

Team Goal:  $55,000 

Individual Swimmer Goal:  $125.00

Prizes:  Swimmers who raise $125 or more will receive team prizes ranging from a 2020 Swim-a-thon event cap to a swim-a-thon themed cooler.

Printable Prize List)

Swim-a-thon Swimming Schedule:

The swimming portion of the 2020 swim-a-thon will take place during the normal Saturday morning practice hours (6:00am - 1:00pm).  Specific group times will be annouced and communicated to the team by the coaches.  A full list of groups and times will be posted here.  

All swimmers who participate in the swim-a-thon on November 21st will receive a "2020 Totally Rad Swim-a-thon" bag tag.  



Other Important Events Reminders:

Food & Fun!

The swimming portion of the event taking place in the morning during normal practice times.  We will be following up with a fun movie night at the pool for swimmers.  The team will be split into groups based on divisions and social distancing will be enforced along with mask wearing and other safety measures.  There will be "movie theater" food available for all swimmers.  Individuals are welcome to bring their own snacks as well.

Movie Schedule:

The schedule will be announced in early November, along with the movie title.  

If you are planning ahead, mark your calendars for 5:00pm - 9:30pm.  The younger swimmers will be first!


SAC Team Incentive Prizes for Top Earners:



First 125 Swimmers to
Raise $125.00


First 75 Swimmers to
Raise $250.00

First 50 Swimmers to
Raise $350.00


First 25 Swimmers to
Raise $450.00

Congratulations to our Top 10 earners for each week of our annual swim-a-thon event!  Swimmers will receive a themed Swim-a-thon t-shirt.  

Week 1 Top Earners: 

Margaret Esterly
Lewis Esterly
Katherine Tossell
Ellie Horning
Olivia Nordini
Adam Azulay
Aaliyah Minkin
Carter Shullaw
Declan Kelly
Ana Bhatti

Week 2 Top Earners:      


Week 3 Top Earners:


Week 4 Top Earners:    


        Week 5 Top Earners:               


            Week 6 Top Earners: