SAC Superhero Swim-a-thon 2021 


Event Details

What:  2021 Superhero Swim-a-thon 

When:  Saturday, November 20th from 2pm - 6pm

Where:  McDowell Mountain Ranch (MMR) Aquatic Center

Who:  EVERYONE!   

All SAC swimmers and families are welcome and encourged to participate in this annual team event.

Team Goal:  $70,000 

Individual Swimmer Goal:  $125.00

Prizes:  Swimmers who raise $125 or more will receive team prizes ranging from a 2021 Swim-a-thon event cap to a SAC water bottle.

Downloadable Swim-a-thon Documents:

Printable Prize List

Swim-a-thon Kickoff Letter

Mail-in Donation Form

Swim-a-thon Swimming Schedule:

The swimming portion of the 2021 swim-a-thon will take place at MMR starting at 2:00pm.  Swimmers will complete the swimming portion of the event at their designated time based on their practice group.  If your swimmer cannot make the time frame assigned for their group, please contact your primary group coach and they can help determine another time.

Block 1:  2:00pm - 3:30pm:

  • 10U Blue, 10U Bronze, 12U Bronze S, 13-14 Bronze, 13-14 Silver, HSD

Block 2:  3:15pm - 4:45pm:

  • 10U Silver, 10U Gold, 11-12 Blue, 11-12 Bronze, 12U Silver S, 12U Gold S, 13-14 Blue

Block 3:  4:30pm - 6:00pm

  • 11-12 Silver, 11-12 Gold, 13-14 Gold, 13&O Gold S, Senior

* National Group & Sectional Group will have practice on Saturday morning at MMR.  Swimmers in these groups will volunteer and support the younger swimmers during the event at MMR. 

All swimmers who participate in the swim-a-thon on November 20th will receive a "2021 Superhero Swim-a-thon" bag tag.  


Food & Fun!

There will be pizza, snacks, and drinks for all swimmers, parents, and family members throughout the event (no cost).

Games and activities will be available for everyone as well as a raffle for various prizes.  Raffle tickets can be purchased at the event.  Winners will be announced throughout the event. 

SAC Team Incentive Prizes for Top Earners:



First 150 Swimmers to
Raise $125.00



First 75 Swimmers to
Raise $250.00

First 50 Swimmers to
Raise $350.00

First 25 Swimmers to
Raise $450.00

Congratulations to our Top 10 earners for each week of our annual swim-a-thon event!  Swimmers will receive a themed Swim-a-thon t-shirt.  

Week 1 Top Earners: 

Victoria Larson (11-12 Gold)
Maggie Hughes (12U Gold S)
Ellie Horning (National)
Ava Ganz (13-14 Silver)
Hallie Harris (11-12 Bronze)
Nora Shullaw (10U Bronze)
Carter Shullaw (10U Gold)
Lewis Esterly (National)
Margaret Esterly (National)
Adam Azulay (11-12 Bronze)

Week 2 Top Earners:      

Christian Khoury (11-12 Silver)
Declan Kelly (National)
Aninah Kanate (13-14 Bronze)
Kendal McDougal (Senior)
Owen Currie (Sectional)
Ella Mychajliw (13&O Gold S)
Grace Rudolph (11-12 Silver)
Euwain Sheard (11-12 Silver)
JT Yearout (11-12 Gold)
Riley Stubstad (13-14 Bronze)
Joy Felner (National)
Hope Felner (National)

Week 3 Top Earners:

Katherine Tossell (13-14 Gold)
Paige Templet (Senior)
Reagan Westervelt (10U Bronze)
Christian Khoury (11-12 Silver)
Ella Corse (12U Bronze S)
Alex Clyne (10U Gold)
Caroline Alvey (10U Blue)
Olivia Sampey (10U Gold)
Jonathan Sgouros (National)
Gianna Sgouros (11-12 Silver)
Milo Gendre (11-12 Gold)

Week 4 Top Earners:    

Alexis Bui (11-12 Gold)
Kylie Ney (National)
Rio Trichler (National)
Max Roberts (13-14 Bronze)
Sam Stanek (11-12 Gold)
Michael Corso (12U Bronze S)
Sammy Zeimet (Sectional)
Peyton Ziance (11-12 Bronze)
Layla Firth (10U Bronze)
Katie Rink (National)
Connor Rink (Sectional)

        Week 5 Top Earners:               

Emmy Therrien (National)
Jack Higgins (National)
James Carbone (13-14 Bronze)
Samara Brizendine (12U Bronze S)
Max Chevrier (Sectional)
Jalayah Press (11-12 Bronze)
Annie Ferris (11-12 Blue)
Olivia Corso (11-12 Blue)
Lucy Lovelace (Sectional)
Sydney Blackhurst (National)

            Week 6 Top Earners:               

Finn Daly (13-14 Gold)
Taylor Robinson (10U Silver)
Sophia Polewka (Senior)
Annika Kimery (Senior)
Krista Tymkiw (Sectional)
Austin Miiller (12U Gold S)
Mia Peterson (National)
Tristan Ponte (Sectional)
Branson Samuelson (13-14 Blue)
Tatum Koch (13-14 Bronze)

Week 7 Top Earners:

Kelly Hanagan (Sectional)
Jameson Perreault-Perez (Sectional)
Teddy Sabev (Sectional)
Christian Sinclair (10U Silver)
Zoe Ho (13-14 Silver)
Kaiya Knighton (11-12 Bronze)
Aaliyah Minkin (13-14 Silver)
James Saw (National)
Andrew Vekich (Sectional)
Skylar Debnam (National)
Abby Fisher (13-14 Bronze)
Maddy Fisher (11-12 Gold)
Saylor Debnam (13-14 Gold)

Week 8 Top Earners:

Luca Gissendaner (National)
Bradley Clark (11-12 Blue)
Alex Geiss (13-14 Silver)
Branden Schuster (13-14 Bronze)
Molly Roalson (Sectional)
Mason Breidenstine (11-12 Bronze)
Quinn Holyoak (10U Blue)
Cora Goates Glau (11-12 Bronze)
Briella Whallon (13-14 Gold S)
Caden Oprandy (Sectional)