Event Details

What:  2019 Swim-a-thon Games (It's Olympic Time!)

When:  Saturday, November 23rd

Where:  McDowell Mountain Ranch (MMR) Aquatic Center

Who:  EVERYONE!   

All SAC swimmers and families are welcome and encourged to participate in this annual team event.

Team Goal:  $65,000 

Individual Swimmer Goal:  $125.00

Prizes:  Swimmers who raise $200 or more will receive team prizes ranging from a 2019 Swim-a-thon event cap to a swim clinic with Olympian Allison Schmitt. 

Printable Prize List)

Swim-a-thon Swimming Schedule:

The team will be broken up into 3 blocks, based on practice group.  Swimmers should arrive at the pool approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of their block to check in and find their coach.  Swimmers in the younger age groups are encouraged to swim as long as possible and may finish prior to the schedule of their block.  Swimmers in the older age groups are working towards achieving 200 lengths within their 90 minutes.  

National Group will practice in the morning during their normal practice time.  These swimmers should return to MMR at 1:45pm to help with games, supporting the young swimmers, and handing out prizes as the younger swimmers finish.

Block 1: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

  • 10&U Blue
  • 10&U Bronze
  • 13-14 Bronze
  • HSD 
  • Sectional 

Block 2:  3:15pm - 4:45pm

  • 10&U Silver
  • 10&U Gold
  • 11-12 Blue
  • 11-12 Bronze
  • 13-14 Blue
  • 13-14 Silver

Block 3:  4:30pm - 6:00pm

  • 11-12 Silver
  • 11-12 Gold
  • 13-14 Gold
  • Senior

Other Important Events Reminders:

Food & Fun!

The menu for dinner will be a variety of pasta, salad, dessert, and drinks.  No cost and open to all swimmers and family members!

There will be a variety of games including cornhole, ring toss, and many others plus cotton candy, popcorn, and other snacks.  Come ready to have fun!

Dunk Tank: 

Coaches from all of the divisions will be participating in the dunk tank again this year...Yay!   Swimmers and parents can pick their favorite coach or coaches to dunk throughout the duration of the Swim-a-thon.  Don't let their faces fool you....they love it!   Bring some cash and warm up your throwing arm!

  • 2:15pm - Courtney 
  • 2:30pm - Bob Platt
  • 2:45pm - Crystal
  • 3:00pm - TJ
  • 3:15pm - SAC Official
  • 3:30pm - Emily
  • 3:45pm - Nikita
  • 4:00pm - Joey
  • 4:15pm - Kris
  • 4:30pm - Tyler
  • 4:45pm - Max
  • 5:00pm - Bob Ostrander
  • 5:15pm - Sasha
  • 5:30pm - Kevin

Fall/Winter Apparel Sale:

Families interested in purchasing SAC apparel will have the opportunity to do so at the Swim-a-thon, and during the week following the Swim-a-thon.  There will be a tent set up where you can look at all of the available items, try on any items of interest, and place your order at the event.   All items will be available to pick up at the SAC office prior to the holidays.  


Congratulations to our Top 10 earners for each week of our annual swim-a-thon event!  Swimmers will receive a themed Swim-a-thon t-shirt.  

Week 1 Top Earners: 

Jack Blake (National)  
Erica Esterly (National)           
Margaret Esterly (National)     
Lewis Esterly (13-14 Gold)  
Adam Azulay (10&U Silver)    
Paige Templet (13-14 Bronze)
Ellie Horning (13-14 Gold)   
Noah Swetlishoff (11-12 Silver) 
Maddy Bachmeier (National)
Aaliyah Minkin (10&U Gold)  

Week 2 Top Earners:      

Katherine Tossell (11-12 Gold)
Declan Kelly (13-14 Gold)
Olivia Prelog (Sectional)
Adi Vashistha (10&U Silver)

Ana Bhatti (Sectional)
Ashley Outtrim (National)
Reagan Lisle (11-12 Gold)
Laely Tarbell (11-12 Silver)
Sophie Velitchkov (National)
Olivia Nordini (13-14 Silver)

Week 3 Top Earners:

Wyatt Immell (10&U Bronze)
Ella Mychajliw (12&U Silver S)
Sommer Bailey (13-14 Bronze)
Kaleigh Mack (11-12 Gold)
Marisa Sweetser (National)
Carter Shullaw (10&U Bronze)
Skylar Debnam (National)
Rio Trichler (National)
Ryan Trichler (National)
Saylor Debnam (11-12 Gold)

Week 4 Top Earners:    

eagan Oenning (10&U Gold)
Shea Oenning (11-12 Gold)
Candace Farling (National S)
Ava Ringstrom (11-12 Silver)
Jack Higgins (13-14 Gold)
Laely Tarbell (11-12 Silver)
Jasmine Yango (13-14 Gold)
Layla Yango (11-12 Gold)
Isabella Finley (12&U Silver S)
Nicka Devyatov (13-14 Silver)

            Week 5 Top Earners:               

McKenzie Leblanc (National)
Matthew Leblanc (National)
Milo Gendre (10&U Silver)
Tatumn Clark (HSD)
Yara Hauert (10&U Silver)
Mia Peterson (Sectional)
Briley Peterson (13-14 Silver)
James Saw (National)
Alyssa Kuper (10&U Silver)
Danielle Vacanti (11-12 Bronze)

            Week 6 Top Earners:               

Miles Fleischer (Sectional)
Ava Ganz (11-12 Gold)
Kendal McDougald (Senior)
Sam Stanek (10&U Gold)
Wesley Peng (Sectional)
Sammy Zeimet (13-14 Silver)
Kayla Cunningham (National)
Brionna Thomas (13-14 Gold)
Maddie Daly (Sectional)
Finn Daly (11-12 Gold)

            Week 7 Top Earners:               

Sera Hanagan (National)
Kelly Hanagan (13-14 Silver)
Lydia Schryer (13-14 Bronze)
Shelby Nicolaisen (National)
Zoe Ho (11-12 Gold)
Lauren Rahaeuser (10&U Bronze)
Jacob Shorr (10&U Silver)
Teddy Sabev (13-14 Gold)
Henry Matheson (13-14 Gold S)
Kenedy Kass (HSD)