High School Development (HSD) Group


Stephen Hall
High School Development Coach

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About the Group


Expectations/Required Skill

  • For swimmers 15 years old or older/entering Fall of 9th grade
  • Able to legally complete all four strokes
  • Compete regularly in meets
  • Shows leadership skills in and out of the pool, great attitude, and be attentive to coaches
  • Demonstrates proficiency in practice skills such as tight streamlines, 3 dolphin kicks off walls for fly/back, and able to maintain breathing patterns for fly/free. 


Monthly Dues

$158.00 per month

Pool Reopening Schedule

Please refer to the "Practice Schedule" tab for the most current schedule.  

For information related to COVID procedures and guidelines, please refer to the "COVID Pool Reopening Resources" page on our website.


HSD Group Meets 

Short Course Season (September 2022 - March 2023)

  • SAC Swimtember Invite (Sept 23-25) -- Non HS Swimmers only
  • SAC Pumpkin Patch Splash (Oct 21-23) -- Non HS Swimmers only
  • Maryanne Graham-Keever Invitational (Dec 2-4) 
  • SAC Winter Invite (Jan. 27-29)
  • AZ Swimming Regional Championships @ SAC (Feb. 24-26) -- Qualifiers only