Senior South Division

The Senior South Division is designed specifically for swimmers ages 13 and older years old, ranging in ability from high school swimmers to the top senior swimmers at the state and national level.  These families typically live in South Scottsdale, or other cities in the East Valley.  These groups provide an opportunity for swimmers and families to join SAC and practice at a location closer to their home and school.  Coaches focus on the development of each individual while increasing speed and endurance.  Swimmers are able to progress through the program at their own rate to reach their potential and reach their goals. 



Sasha Trichler
13-14 Gold South & 

HSD South Coach
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Select a group below for additional information including requirements, fees, current practice schedule, and age group appropriate meets.

High School Development (HSD) Group 

  • Practices 3-4 times per week for 90 minutes per session from November - July
  • Demonstrate ability to consistently swim all four strokes legally
  •  Able to complete a 50 yard freestyle and 50 yard backstroke
  • Compete in both Splash Meets and USA Swimming meets

13-14 Gold South 

  • Practices 7-8 times per week for approximately 2 hours per session, including morning practices
  • Multiple dryland and gym sessions per week as part of practice structure
  • Have achieved 15-18 Junior Olympics Championship qualifying times
  • Able to complete the following test sets: 10x100 free on 1:30; 5x200IM on 3:30; & 1000 kick under 19:00
  • Compete in multiple USA Swimming sanctioned meets throughout the season