SAC Alumni:  Where Are They Now?


SAC Swimmers:  College Swimming Bound


Class of 2025

William Bansberg (Ohio State University)

Taylor Bernosky (George Washington University)

Kayden Brendel (Ottawa University - AZ)

Morgan Brophy (Univerity of Texas)

Kirsten Clark (Northern Arizona University)

Riley Courtney (University of Texas)

Kayla Cunningham (University of Wyoming)

Candace Farling

Tatum Good

Ryan Gray (Alma College)

Sera Hanagan (Fresno State University)

Jack Hostal

Kenedy Kass

Mackenzie Leblanc (University of Chicago)

James Malito

Daniel Matheson (University of Southern California)

Molly Monheit

Quinn Murphy (Yale University)

Shelby Nicolaisen (University of San Diego)

Henry Palmer

Greer Pattison (Univ. of North Carolina)

Aidan Rabasca (Grand Canyon State University)

Aaron Rosen (University of Pennsylvania)

Tate Schuricht

Grant Stoddard (University of Arizona)

Ashley Strouse (Northwestern University)

Samantha Wareing

Mary Zettlemoyer (Arizona State University)

Class of 2024

Alex Azarian (US Army)

Gracie Carefoot (St. Catherine University)

Ashley Catchpole (Brigham Young University)

Kara Church (University of Kansas)

Sadie Edwards (University of Utah)

Erica Esterly (United States Military Academy at West Point)

Connor Fierabend (Arizona State University)

Benjamin Henriksen (Liberty University)

Matthew Leblanc (University of Pennsylvania)

Autumn Peterson (US Naval Academy)

Sam Perry (Arizona State University)

Kelly Richards (University of Notre Dame)

Rob Robinson (University of Arizona)

Marvin Schwickert (Undecided)

Sarah Shonteff (Arizona State University)

Breanna Thomas (Colorado State University at Pueblo)

Ryan Trichler (Ohio State University)

Sophie Velitchkov (Undecided)

Bella Wylie (Georgetown University)

Class of 2023

Stefan Cooley (Univ. of Missouri)

Tanner Falls (US Military Academy)

Parker Hughes (Univ. of Michigan)

Sammy Kaminsky (Goucher College)

Erin Mabry (Colorado State - Pueblo)

Noelle Miceli (Biola University)

Jered Moore (Univ. of Pittsburgh)

Kennedy Muhs (Colorado Mesa University)

Ellice Richman (Cal State Bakersfield)

Ivan Sabev (US Merchant Marine Academy)

Alexa Teneyck (University of Idaho)

Dawson Tupponce (Hartwick College)

Max Weed (Univ. of Cincinnati)

Class of 2022

Avery Fisher (Milliken University)

McKenzee Gordon (Univ. of Hawaii)

Claire Grover (UCLA)

Kelly Huffer (Naval Academy)

Michael Klauss (UNLV)

Christian Larsen

Natalie Larsen (Claremont Mudd Scripps)

Madison Leblanc (Columbia University)

Gabby Lizzul (UNLV)

Shea Nicolaisen (Duke University)

Jason Ruka (St. Louis University)

Gaby Tellez (UNLV)

Terry Yang (UC - Santa Barbara)


Catching up with our Alumni...

Parker Hughes

Parker Hughes
University of Michigan - Sophomore

How did SAC help you prepare for college swimming?

SAC helped me prepare for college swimming by giving me a strong base in all aspects of my swimming: technique, aerobic capacity, and racing mentality.  The biggest help SAC gave me was mental fortitude.  The coaches never gave up on me and helped me through my tough times so that I could achieve my goal of swimming for the best school in the country, Univerity of Michigan.

What is the best thing you have learned about yourself while in college?

I have learned that I'm capable of a lot more than I thought possible if I stay committed to the process and focused in the moment. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a collegiate swimmer?  What helped you overcome that challenge?

Learning that a season has a lot of ups and downs.  A club season is pretty straightforward - train a few months, taper, race, and repeat.  A college season is much different with dual meets and midseason meets to swim through and training blocks that are meant to fatigue you.  For me, understanding the purpose of my training and what it was building towards helped me push through the toughest parts of the season.  Letting my goals fuel me through the struggles. 


What advice do you have for swimmers going through the college recruiting process now?  

Stay open and stay diligent.  You have to keep communication with schools because showing that you want to be a part of their team goes a long way in determining if you are offered a trip and a spot on the team.  Also, stay open to any school that has interest in you because you never know how well you could fit with their culture. 


What would you tell the 16 year old version of yourself now that you are have experienced college swimming?

I would tell myself to be open to changes in training and make the most of the time outside of the races.  My fondest memories from SAC are car rides to championship meets and cheering for teammates on the side of the pool.  Although I still do this in college, I would tell my younger self to embrace every moment of cheering because that is the best part of swimming for SAC.