Swim Meet Advertising


Meet Program Advertising Opportunities:

An Event Sponsor:  $25  

An event sponsor receives the ability to write a message containing 36 characters on three separate lines. There are approximately 50-100 events in a typical swim meet hosted by Scottsdale Aquatic Club.  An example would be "Event #2, Women's 200 Freestyle:  Sponsored by Wild Flower Bread Company.  Good luck Ana, Swim Fast!. 

1/4 Page Advertisement:  $50  

Perfect for a business card size advertisement 

1/2 Page Advertisement:  $75

Opportunity to create a unique advertisement for an individual or business.


Full Page Advertisement:  $100  

A full-page ad provides an excellent opportunity to create a unique advertisement, especially for a loca lbusiness.  It’s also a great space to create a take-away such as a coupon.


Full Page Day Divider Advertisement:  $200

This is a full-page ad in the swim meet program inserted into the event program.  Most home swim meets are 2-3 days long and this advertisement would be placed in between days of the swim meet.  This page is printed on a heavier stock paper in a brighter color that draws significant attend to the page and advertisement.


Full Back Page Advertisement: $300  

A full-page advertisement which will receive the maximum exposure of all advertisements.  This page is printed on a heavier stock paper in a brighter color and would constantly be visible to all those purchasing a program.