The Fort Saskatchewan Piranhas Swim Club is organized and operated 100% through Volunteer help.  Parents and swimmers are expected to donate their time, ability, ideas and energy to help the club run smoothly.  Fundraisers such as Casino, Swim A Thons and Bottle Drives are held to help cover the club's expenses.  The club runs additional fundraisers as needed.  Club expenses include pool rental, coaching fees, insurance, lifeguards, trophies, medals, ribbons, equipment purchases, swimmer socials and swim meet fees.
We are always looking for corporate sponsors.  Many of the industrial companies have employee grant programs availalbe for their familie's non profit clubs such as ours.  We welcome any sponsorship we can receive so please ask around!
It is mandatory to participate in designated fundraising events as stated in Club Policy #9.2
Thank you thus for to our familes who are pulling together to help our club!
Our 2020 Fundraisers:
Event Date Organizer
Bottle Drive TBD Krystyn Miller
Swim A Thon TBD Tina Egilsson (Form)
Club Casino TBD TBD