The Piranhas Summer Swim Club is organized and operated 100% through VOLUNTEER help. Parents and swimmers are expected to donate their time, ability, ideas and energy to help the club run smoothly.

These are some ways parents can help out:
  • Become a member of the executive
  • Become a committee member (see our Club Information page for Committee positions)
  • Volunteer your time to help at swim meets
  • Become a swimming Official
  • Volunteer to help with Special Club Events
  • If nothing else, Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! We are always looking for corporate donors. Many industrial companies within Fort Saskatchewan have an employee grant program for their families' non-profit clubs. Ask around! About 2/3 of the club's annual budget is met through fundraisers! Without them our fees would be about double! (please see our fundraising section for more information)

Swimming Officials

Swim Meets require lots of officials to run a meet.  A meet needs all levels of officials, for example a meet usually needs 18-24 timers to run a meet.  A timer is a level one official and is a fantastic job! Another Level 1 Official is Marshall: usually 3-6 is needed per swim meet.  Please contact our Officials Coordinator if this interests you.  The best time to take this course is at the beginning of the season so you will be ready to be mentored on deck at the first swim meets. If you want the best seat in the house -- this is your ticket.....Happy Timing!

Officials Coordinator: JJ Bylsma
Officials' Dress Code:  Swim Canada requires that all Swimming Officials follow FINA's Dress Code of Black Bottoms and White Tops.
Level 1: Timer's Clinic
This can be done online and then continue with on deck training. Front Row Seating at Swim Meets!

Level 2: Stroke and Turn
This Clinic will help you to understand more about the world of swimming. If there is enough parents interested we will put on a stroke and turn clinic. You can use this knowledge to have a better understanding of swimming so you can discuss your child's progress with him or her. Stroke and Turn judges need to have their Timing Certification first.  On Average 12-16 Stroke and Turn Judges are needed at every meet.

See Swim Alberta Officials Site for more information: http://swimalberta.ca/officials/clinics
Select the Link: Officials Clinics Course Material - On Line Clinics/Classroom Clinics
Choose the Appropriate Clinic.  ie. 2016 Level 1 Clinic for Timers