Program Information 

Group: Senior 3

This group is designed for high school age and/or 13 years and older second semester 8th grade swimmers who wish to improve swimming speeds and technique while enjoying a fun and positive team environment.  While the commitment level is not as high as Senior 1 and 2 swimmers may participate at qualified meets with attendance requirements being met.  

Target Meet: Senior State and Regionals

Swimmer commitment: 

  • JO cuts for all swimmers in group or at the coach’s discretion
  • A willingness to work hard and a desire to improve are the most important requirements of this group.
  • Swimmers must attend 3 of the 5 workouts/week 
  • 1 morning workout offered weekly and 3 afternoons…. Saturday practice is only offered if swimmer has 100% attendance to weekly workouts 
  • Swimmers are eligible to attend team meets if 80% of workouts are attended on a regular basis 
  • Absences due to illness should be communicated in advance directly with the coaches 
  • Swimmers must follow all USA Swimming guidelines
  • Must follow the GMSC athlete and parent code of conduct

Uniform Requirement: 

  • Team cap (no other team caps allowed)
  • Team T-shirt (3 colors)
  • Team suit (navy)
  • Optional: Parka