Matt Weldy and Madison Ricks Achieve Eight Best Times at the Long Course Regionals (formerly JO's)

Michael Chasson

in less than ideal conditions at Glendale Community College for the Regional Championship, July 9-11, a number of Gold Medal swimmers performed at at high level. Matt Weldy and Madison Ricks each recorded eight best times to lead the way for the team.

New State Times

Bruss Bowman 100 fly and 50 free

Anthony Kummet 400 free and 50 fly

Matt Weldy 800 free

Eli Ross 50 breast

Top Performers

Eight Best Times

Matt Weldy

Madison Ricks


Six best Times

Kimberly Palmer

Shea Braley


Five Best Times

Brus Bowman

Anthony Kummet

Grant Rathjen

Cyrus Mead


Four Best Times

Thais Apps

Jordan Cruz

Rachel Spresey

Abdi Hendricks