Event Fundraising
Swim Neptune Swim-A-Thon 2023
Work hard! Play hard! Succeed!
Time: 10:00 AM
At your practice location. Date/time determined by your coach.
Helen Casseday Email
The clock is started. We are excited for this year's BIG team fundraiser, and hope to raise a ton of money for our team. The monthly dues that we charge our families are only part of the money required to cover all of the operational costs our team sees each year. This money benefits EVERYONE! The swimmers, the parents, the coaches! From Trident all the way up to the Senior level, will see the benefits. These funds enable us to pay for things such as the Annual Kick Off, the Yearly Celebration, informational clinics for parents and swimmers, development clinics, equipment for all swim meets, coach training sessions, assist with team travel, Official's incentives and so much more!

So each year we run a USA Swimming approved fundraising event called a Swim-A-Thon, which brings all of our kids together for a swimming event where they swim as many laps as possible.

This family friendly event, along with our athletes fundraising participation, helps raise money from friends and family that is critical to financially helping out our team.

Participants | Rank 0/605
$800.00 Maddox Sarahong
$745.00 Damjan Atanasovski
$520.10 Isabelle Swarts
$461.00 Adrijana Damjanovic
$395.00 Alannah Rodriguez
Top Roster (amount)
$2,821.10 Moon Valley White
$1,715.00 Moon Valley Black
$1,666.67 Glendale Black
$1,095.00 Kingman Middle School 6th thru 8th
$920.00 Moon Valley Blue
Top Locations (amount)
$6,466.10 Moon Valley Country Club
$2,600.00 Glendale
$1,320.00 Chandler
$1,155.00 Kingman
$200.00 Aviano