Ford Aquatics strives to build and maintain a superior community-based aquatic program that provides a quality competitive environment. From novice to Olympian, we emphasize individual and team growth, nurturing participants through professional guidance that stresses a thorough knowledge of the sport, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and fosters the spirit of sportsmanship in a positive and safe environment.



Ford Aquatics aspires to initiate and sustain a premier USA Swimming organization as a Standard for Excellence.


Core Objectives


As a year-round competitive swim team, we are focused on success in the water at all age levels, strokes, and distances.


Administrative Excellence

To complete our mission and vision for Ford Aquatics, we are focused on establishing efficient processes administratively so that our coaches can focus on coaching and as much money as possible can go toward scholarships and National-level expenses.



As a community based non-profit, we are committed to serving our community. Internally, we look to create and maintain a supportive and family-focused culture.