Arizona Aquatic Club Inc.   John and Michelle Hojnacki

Contact Info:

email: [email protected]

phone: 480-444-8431

Contact us anytime for a free week trial (during COVID19 we will only add swimmers as we can)

Complete the membership package to join the team ( link)


Beginning Groups (Developmental Group)  $85/month 

Advanced Age Group (Previously named Blue) $125/month

Advanced Sr Groups (Previously National and National Development) $150/month

Annual USA Swimming Registration:  $78 for 2022

Annual Dues:  $100 paid after your 1st full year (starting in the 2nd year)

Welcome to the Arizona Aquatic Club.  We are very excited about the opportunity to work with our team on a daily basis.  We are committed to to each child's development in both swimming and in learning strong life skills.  We want your experience with this team to be a positive one and we will make ourselves available to you to answer your questions.  We trust your experience with this team will be a positive one and you will enjoy many years of swimming success.

Mission Statement: 

The Arizona Aquatic Club is committed to developing the character and self discipline of young athletes, through the sport of swimming.  We are commitment to a providing each child with a safe environment at all times to do so we have athlete protection policies and guidelines in place. We are committed to the athlete’s success not only in swimming but in life away from the pool.    We strive to build a family atmosphere, where athletes can learn to be themselves while working toward their own personal goals.

Vision:  Our vision is an extension of our mission with defined areas of focus:

Developing an extraordinary team

Teach kids strong life skills

Be ethical in everything we do

Promoting diversity in swimming

Promoting opportunities to families less fortunate

Assist in college preparation for all athletes

To be strong references for aspiring young student athletes

Teach strong stroke mechanics

To have fun

Prepare mentally for challenges in and out of the water

To teach the value of goal setting, discipline and character

To learn from both successes and failures

To build self confidence

To build a sense of volunteerism

To ensure the safety of our athltes and all members