Team Uniform

Winter 2022 Apparel Order Form

Team Uniform Requirements

We are an Speedo sponsored team and swimmers should wear a Speedo suit, which are available for purchase at Ski Pro. Swimmers must wear a PSC team cap when competing at swim meets. 

All patches and accessories worn with competition apparel must be approved. Personal appearance which detracts from a positive team image will be prohibited.


Swim Meet Uniform Policy

All athletes must wear a Phoenix Swim Club swim cap when warming up, loosening down and competing at a meet.

Most swim meets are 3 days long in duration. PSC prides itself on being a team and looking like a team. At swim meets, we ask that all swimmers and parents follow the dress code below so that we can showcase our team spirit!

Swim meet day 1 – Red PSC t-shirt

Swim meet day 2 – White PSC t-shirt

Swim meet day 3 – Gray PSC t-shirt

Swim meet day 4 - Any PSC t-shirt

*An easy way to remember this color sequence is to think; red, white and blue. But in our case it is red, white and gray*


Recognition Jackets

Any swimmers qualifying and competing in the below meets will receive:

Sectionals = Red jacket/sweatshirt 

Junior Nationals = Black jacket/sweatshirt 

Nationals = Gray jacket/sweatshirt

Olympic Trials = White jacket/sweatshirt