FSSST Swim Meet Sign Up Policy 


The Flagstaff Snow Sharks Swim Team has the following policy regarding participation in swim meets. If you have met your individual attendance goals you are eligible for swim meets. On our website, swim meets will be listed under "Events." Every family/member on our Reds/Blues/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Black competitive teams will be required to select whether they desire to attend. After the registration deadline, the head coach will elect events for all who have committed to swim. If you do not take action by the registration deadline you will not be entered into the meet. Each individual and relay event has a minimal cost that will be billed to your account. There will also be a $20.00 coaches fee for the meet days attended which is also billed to your account. During Championship Meets or Prelim/Finals meets the coaches fees will be $20.00 per session.


There is a spot for comments while signing up where you can let the coach know if you can only attend on one day. If there are no comments in that section when the coach picks the events for the swimmer, the coach will assume you can attend all days of the meet. In the case that you can’t attend all days but did not clarify that in the comments section you will still be charged all fees related to the swim meet.  

Part of becoming an exceptional competitive swimmer is trying new and difficult events. The coaching staff will not sign your swimmer up for an event s/he thinks is undoable. Competing is essential to the progress of all swimmers of all abilities. It is also helpful for the coaching staff to see where the team is excelling and what skills we have to work on during practices. 

To decline or commit: 

  1. Click Events 
  1. Choose the meet you want to decline or commit to by selecting: Attend this Event 
  1. Select your child 
  1. Choose No/Yes 
  1. Fill in the comments section with day/s you can attend 
  1. Save Changes 


Overdue Accounts 

A swimmer whose account is 30 days past due that has not made payment arrangements will not be eligible to attend swim meet. The family must pay the amount due before they can enter that meet. 

State Meet Participation 

All swimmers who achieve state qualifying times should plan on competing at the state meet. It should be considered an honor to excel to a level that most swimmers will not reach. Swimmers that are close to state times will likely be asked to participate on state relays. Treat this as an honor and an invaluable experience. Most swimmers that attend a state meet on relays are likely to qualify individually in the upcoming seasons. The atmosphere of the state meet can create a desire to improve and aside from the swimming benefits, it's just fun! 


Qualifying for meets above the State level


Please talk to Martha VanLuvanee regarding meets above the State level 928-848-3537