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Pink level swimmers are advanced white level swimmers and will continue to learn to swim freestyle and backstroke proficiently while building endurance. This group also gets an advanced level of introduction to butterfly and breaststroke. Coaches focus on kicking, side breathing, streamline, flip turns, and dives. All classes are 45 minutes long, and the coaches are in the water with the swimmers during every class. 

Age range: 5-18 years old

Contact Clare at [email protected] 925-852-1832



Pink to Red Advancement

Skills Required

= Excellent

 !  = Satisfactory

  = Still working on


To advance levels, swimmers must complete all requirements and have approval from the Minnow School Coordinator.


_____     50 freestyle with bilateral side breathing 


_____    50 backstroke 


_____     100  freestyle kick with kickboard


_____    50  kick on back in a tight streamline


_____    25 butterfly


_____    25 breaststroke


_____    Standing dive


_____    Freestyle flip turn

_____    Submerged push off from ready position