Competitive Team Swimmers of the month! Naomi K and Leo B

Martha VanLuvanee

Congratulations to Naomi K. and Leo B. as they have been chosen for swimmers of the month!

Naomi K (Silver Group) Here is what the coaches had to say: Naomi is a coach's dream, and above all a great teammate. She has risen up to every challenge that has comer her way. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Favortie Swimmer/olympian: Coach Tyler

Favorite snack: fruit gummies

Favorite event 200 IM

Leo B (Bronze Group) Here is what the coaches had to say: Leo is the most coachable swimmer on the team. His worth ethic is unmatched and he takes everything with a smile. 100 sit-ups? No problem. 1000 freestyle? Best swim of his life. Leo is undoubtedly deserving of this award.

Favorite Swimmer/olympian: Katie Ledecky

Favorite Snack Nature Valley

Favotie event 100 breastroke