Black Team (Senior Team)

The Black Team is comprised of swimmers age 15 and over thru college who are training for AZ State, Western Zones, USAS Sectionals and JR Nat'l meets. Must pass the Black team requirements.

At least 5 practices per week should be attended by a Black team swimmer.

BlackTeam - $105 monthly

Team Requirements: 

1.  USA Athlete Swimming Membership. Registration costs $80yearly.

2.  Compete in at least 3 meets in a 6 month period

3.  Annual Snow Sharks registration fee:$100.00 per family

4.  Need fins, paddles, kickboard, snorkel, pull buoy.

 Gold to Black Advancement (must be 15 year old or older)

8 x 50s 2 of each stroke (2 Fl, 2 Bk, 2 Br, 2 Fr) 12.5 yards underwater off each wall  @:50

30 Sec. Rest

10 x 100s Free @ 1:15

30 Sec. Rest

6 x 200s IM @ 2:50

30 Sec. Rest 

6 x 100s Kick Freestyle @ 1:45

 *All swimmers must show proper streamlines during tests and practices to be moved up.