Bronze Team

Bronze Team members have successfully completed the move up requirements for the Bronze team. 

Bronze Team - $ 95 monthly

Bronze Team workouts are offered approximately 4/week

Team Requirements:

1.  USA Athlete Swimming Membership.  Flex Membership $22 yearly for two meets per season. Premium costs $80 yearly.

2.  Compete in at least 1 meet in a 6 month period

3.  Annual Snow Sharks registration fee:$100 per family

Blue to Bronze Advancement

3x 100s IM with legal turns @ 1:00 rest


3x 100s Free @ 2:10


60 sec rest


6x 50s Free Kick @ 1:10


Demonstrate drills as described below, and show a proper dive from the block as described below.


Must be able to swim all strokes legally and have legal turns for all strokes.


        100 IMs with legal turns


        100s freestyle (without excessive struggling)


Demonstrate a freestyle drill (6 kick switch and superman catch up) and explain what the significance of the drill is


Demonstrate a backstroke drill (6 kick switch and princess hands) and explain what the significance of the drill is


Freestyle and backstroke flip turn

Demonstrate a dive from the block with a tight streamline to the surface

 *All swimmers must show proper streamlines during tests and practices to be moved up.