GSC Chaperone Policy

  1. Chaperone(s) will be provided when at least eight chaperoned swimmers travel to a meet.  If fewer than eight swimmers request a chaperone by the close of registration for a meet, then the parents requesting a chaperone will be notified that they will need to make their own arrangements for their children with other parents attending a meet.

  2. All swimmers traveling without a parent or a designated responsible adult are required to be chaperoned for a meet.

  3. Swimmers that are housing out are required to be chaperoned for the meet.

  4. The chaperone fee is based on the cost of the airfare and half of the hotel costs for the chaperones traveling to the meet, divided by the number of chaperoned swimmers.  The chaperone fee will not exceed the amount posted on the meet event website.

  5. Each chaperone will receive paid travel to the meet on the same flights or ferry as the traveling chaperoned swimmers.  Chaperones will receive hotel accommodations paid for by GSC. Chaperones traveling with their own children will be reimbursed for half of the cost of the hotel room.  If the coach is performing duties as a chaperone, half of the coach’s costs may be charged to the chaperoned swimmers. 

  6. A chaperone is not required to pay a chaperone fee for his or her own child, however, the chaperone’s children do not count as chaperoned swimmers.

  7. A chaperone’s room must be able to accommodate a displaced swimmer one a separate bed.  The bed can be a rollaway bed.  If a coach is chaperoning, swimmers under 12 needing accommodations due to illness or loss of housing, will be housed with other traveling parents.

  8. The coach has discretion to modify the chaperone rules to accommodate special or unique circumstances as long as the modifications are consistent with the GSC Handbook.