Aqualap Photos available

Photos from Aqualaps 2014 are now available online.  Thank you Phil Loseby!!!  Please see Phil's message below:

There is one young swimmer who did not write her name or the number of laps she swam in my notebook but after posing for a few shots her dad encouraged her to show me the "Double Barrel Shotgun." I wasn't sure what he was talking about until she struck a double-pump muscle pose. I did not want to leave her out of the mix so I used Double Barrel Shotgun as her temporary name--I can change it out when I found out what her name is and number of laps that she swam (I estimated based on what I thought her age to be).

The "May 2014" group contains one gallery with all of the swimmers featured on personalized Sport Illustrated covers and then 68 individual galleries (one for each swimmer who dropped by). The url to the folder and the galleries is There is a 69th gallery for baby William Griffith.

All of the photos, tee-shirts, cards, etc. are priced at the base lab prices--the fees for printing are only those charged by the lab--there are no adjustments or markups.  If the families would like to order prints, cards, tee-shirts, etc., or would like to download the digital files, they need to click the BUY button while looking at the photo(s) they like. All of the photos are available for free digital downloads as well (both low- and high-resolution files). The "low-resolution" files are all about 1MB in size and will print at photo quality up to about 9X12. The "high-resolution" files range in size from about 3MB up to 11MB (yes, they get quite large). 

Thank you again for thinking of me. I had a great time meeting with the swimmers and their parents and I hope that they enjoy the memories!